Besiege by silence

Mosul 15th to 31st october 2016.


Directional speaker, acoustic foam, around 60 x 70 cm, sound track 2 h 30.
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Besiege by silence is a plinth whose contours, cut out in acoustic foam, are those of the city of Mosul. A soundtrack played through a directional speaker hovers above it. When the audience enters the audio stream, it hears the sound of a speech synthesizer reading all the tweets published between 15 and 31 October 2016 at the launch of the offensive to restore the authority of the Iraqi state on the city of Mosul. The 663 tweets were referenced, minute by minute, by the website, in the geographical territory of the city.
Besiege by silence does not tell a story as such, but presents a historiographical moment. A moment when the story could not be faked, because it is written in real time by a multiplicity of actors. Traditionally, a society could be manipulated through terror, by silencing its people. Today, the population becomes just as malleable by the mere fact of the democratisation of media (to the point of saturation). Thus, the need for tools to give direct access to the facts through detail is essential if one wants to silence the statements which have no grounding in reality. The fact that everyone can access facts is vital to prevent the slipups of democracies.
Beyond an archaic silence imposed to a city, a time span unfolds where data and metadata form the clouds around each fact, allowing the crossing, traceability and geolocation of each event. This same traceability thus participates in a form of validation of history that could lead to what we call « mining » in the eld of cryptocurrencies.


<(Fr.) Besiege by silence est un socle dont les contours découpés dans de la mousse acoustique sont ceux de la ville de Mossoul. Il est surplombé par une source sonore que diffuse une enceinte directionnelle. Lorsque le public entre la tête dans le flux audio, il entend le son d’un synthétiseur vocal lisant l’ensemble des tweets publiés entre le 15 et le 31 octobre 2016, lors du lancement de l’offensive menée pour restaurer l’autorité de l’État Irakien sur la ville de Mossoul. Les 663 tweets ont été référencés, minute après minute, par le site, sur le territoire géographique de la ville.
Besiege by silence ne raconte pas une histoire, mais propose un moment historiographique. Ce moment où l’histoire ne pourrait pas être falsifiée, car écrite en temps réel par une multiplicité d’acteurs. Traditionnellement, la manipulation d’une société se fait en réduisant, par la terreur, une population au silence. Aujourd’hui, la population devient tout autant malléable du simple fait de la démocratisation des médias allant jusqu’à saturation. Ainsi, le besoin d’outils permettant de donner un accès direct aux faits par le détail est essentiel si l’on souhaite réduire au silence les dires qui n’ont aucun encrage dans le réel. Cet accès de chacun aux faits est vital pour prévenir les errements des démocraties.
Sur un silence archaïque intimé à une ville, se développe une époque où données et métadonnées forment les nuages qui nimbent ainsi chaque fait permettant le croisement, la traçabilité et la géolocalisation de chaque événement. Cette même traçabilité participe ainsi d’une forme de validation de l’histoire qui pourrait mener à ce que l’on nomme « minage » considérant les crypto-monaies.>




Script of the soundtrack,  tweets extracted from


13:34-15oct.2016 [ISIL positions near Mosul is under artillery attack] @MelahatKemal­     13:47-15oct.2016 [#BREAKING: operation to capture Mosul in Iraq from #ISIS has started – Iraqi TV <picture>] @AmichaiStein1     13:57-15oct.2016 [Finally spotted Iraqi TOS-1 heading toward #Mosul #Iraq <picture>] @aldin_ww     15:06-15oct.2016 [Ground Operation to liberate Mosul from ISIS to begin in the next 24 hours as #US-led Coalition jets target #ISIS positions around #Mosul] @News_Executive     15:11-15oct.2016 [US and French artillery have started bombing #ISIS targets in Mosul, ahead of the upcoming offensive] @michaelh992   23:44-15oct.2016  [Interesting MRAP vehicles with KRG Peshmerga forces around Mosul: Ukrainian KrAZ Spartan, US Maxxpro (white), US Oshkosh M-ATV (black). <picture>] @Rufus_McDonald     00:26-16oct.2016 [Kaka Hama, head of Kurdish Socialist Party joins Mosul battle plan with force  #Mosul_Offensive <picture>] @RudawEnglish     00:34-16oct.2016 [The Iraqi air force airdropped newspaper on Mosul, ahead of the offensive #Iraq <picture>] @michaelh992     Deleted content from Twitter [Isis media claims coalition airstrike takes out Mosul’s Freedom bridge over the Tigris, which connects the two halves of the city.]     00:47-16oct.2016 [As Iraqi army & peshmerga prepare for #Mosul battle,hundreds of thousands expected to flee the city,Several camps are being prepared . #ISIS <picture>] @lutfiabuaun     01:29-16oct.2016 [We’re streaming footage of #Mosul city on @YouTube, watch here:  #Mosul_Offensive <video>] @RudawEnglish     11:06-16oct.2016 [Kurdish source says Mosul offensive will be launched Monday morning] @sayed_ridha     11:15-16oct.2016 [Spokesman for KRG’s Peshmerga Ministry says only Peshmerga and Iraqi army are included in the Mosul operational plan] @ragipsoylu     16:49-16oct.2016 [Preemptive artillery shelling by Iraqi & Peshmerga forces on al-Qiyyarah & Khazir fronts] @sayed_ridha     16:58-16oct.2016 [ISOF have entered Bashiqa district via Deir Mar Matti #Mosul] @sayed_ridha     19:17-16oct.2016 [10,000 #Peshmerga on 3 fronts are preparing to launch a major offensive to liberate several villages around Mosul. #MosulOffensive] @RudawEnglish     20:22-16oct.2016 [Rocket Strikes on ISIS targets #Mosul #MosulOffensive <video>] @NewsThisSecond     20:48-16oct.2016 [US Army’s 101st Airborne operating with peshmerga forces where we are, in full view. #Mosul #Iraq] @MarquardtA     21:11-16 oct.2016 [The sun has come up on the #MosulOffensive as #Peshmerga advance on several villages and smoke rises from airstrikes. <video>] @RudawEnglish     21:31-16oct.2016 [The hour has struck. The campaign to liberate Mosul has begun. Beloved people of Mosul, the Iraqi nation will celebrate victory as one] @HaiderAlAbadi     22:15-16 oct.2016 [ISOF liberate Bashiqa town] @sayed_ridha     23:01-16 oct.2016 [#BREAKING: #Iraq-i counter-terrorism asks civilians inside #Mosul to stay inside their homes. #TwitterKurds] @K24English     23:04-16oct.2016 [#BREAKING: Peshmerga troops advance towards al-Hamdaniya district, northeast of Nineveh. #MosulOffensive <picture>] @RudawEnglish     23:12-16oct.2016 [Peshmerga during morning prayers after launch of Mosul offensive <picture>] @sayed_ridha     23:32-16oct.2016 [#MosulOffensive started! People are crossing Tigris fleeing #ISIS. Read our field report: <picture>] @MercyHands     23:45-16oct.2016 [#Live updates on #MosulOffensive: Kurdish commander says corridor will be opened to allow civilians to escape #Mosul  <picture>] @RudawEnglish     23:51-16oct.2016 [#Live: Several #ISIS explosive-laden vehicles have been destroyed by Peshmerga troops, Kurdish commander tells Rudaw. #MosulOffensive <picture>] @RudawEnglish     23:53-16oct.2016 [Iraqi, Peshmerga & Assyrian forces begin advance on Tell Squf axis #Mosul] @sayed_ridha     23:54-16 oct.2016 [Kurdish Pêşmerga Forces today in the #Mosul offensive. <picture>] @Dr_Partizan     23:56-16oct.2016 [#BREAKING: Some 1,500 Turkey-trained Iraqi forces taking part in operation to drive Daesh from Mosul – Turkish Military Sources] @NewsweekME     00:05-17oct.2016 [.@npwcnn is embedded with a Peshmerga convoy near Mosul, Iraq. Here’s what he’s seeing:  <video>] @CNN     00:09-17oct.2016 [Iraqi forces advancing toward south of #Mosul from Qayyarah airbase <map>] @todayinsyria     00:12-17oct.2016 [Official announcement of the Mosul operation by #Iraq’s PM <video>] @michaelh992     00:12-17oct.2016 [Peshmerga forces advance in east of Mosul with high morale, a #Peshmerga commander told Kurdistan24. #Mosul #TwitterKurds #Iraq <picture>] @K24English     00:15-17oct.2016 [#BREAKING: Peshmerga troops liberate seven villages on Khazir front from Islamic State group. #MosulOffensive <picture>] @RudawEnglish     00:29-17 oct.2016 [#Peshmerga forces retake control of seven villages: Basakhira, Tarjala, Basgirdan, Sheikh Amir, Karbali, Badanay Gawra and Badanay Bichuk.] @RudawEnglish     00:31-17oct.2016 [#BREAKING: Islamic State group burns al-Hamdaniya oil-wells, covering the sky with black smoke. #MosulOffensive <video>] @RudawEnglish     00:42-17oct.2016 [#Rudaw reporter Ayub Nuri reporting from Badana village on the Khazir front, where ISIS tried to infiltrate Peshmerga lines. #MosulOffensive <video>] @RudawEnglish     00:51-17oct.2016 [Photo of Bartala village, surrounded by Peshmerga troops. There are around 20 #ISIS militants remaining in the village. #MosulOffensive <picture>] @RudawEnglish     00:54-17oct.2016 [#BREAKING #Peshmerga forces has successfully completed today’s mission in their operation eastern #Mousl, 9 villages liberated,] @BarzanSadiq     00:54-17oct.2016 [Shia militia Kata’ib al-Imam Ali on their way to Mosul has reportedly taken three more villages around al-Khazir. <picture>] @bjoernstritzel     01:16-17oct.2016 [Peshmerga forces tighten control over #Bazgirtan village, number of #ISIS militants expected to be hidden inside tunnels. #MosulOffensive <picture>] @RudawEnglish     01:23-17oct.2016 [German Special Forces with ATF Dingo mounting an MG-2 supporting Peshmerga during Mosul offensive @JulianRoepcke <picture>] @MinsterTX     01:36-17oct.2016 [#MosulOffensive: Peshmerga troops raise Kurdistan’s flag in liberated villages. <picture>] @RudawEnglish     01:20-17oct.2016 [peshmerga getting out to the front outside Mosul however they can <picture>] @mike_giglio     01:23-17oct.2016 [German Special Forces with ATF Dingo mounting an MG-2 supporting Peshmerga during Mosul offensive @JulianRoepcke <picture>] @MinsterTX     Deleted content from Twitter [Iraqi army enter Namrood and Hamam Alil villages, South of Mosul. #MosulOffensive]     01:45-17oct.2016 [Iraq 9th Division & Peshmerga liberate 9 villages + centre of Nimrod district & have reached Hamdaniyah & Bartallah districts east of Mosul] @sayed_ridha      01:48-17oct.2016 [#BREAKING Exclusive: Peshmerga troops show bodies of #ISIS militants killed, some aged between 15-16 years-old. #MosulOffensive <picture>] @RudawEnglish     01:56-17oct.2016 [#BREAKING: Islamic State suicide-bomber detonates self nearby #Rudaw crew and Peshmerga troops, casualties unknown.] @RudawEnglish     01:59-17oct.2016 [Hevidar Ahmed, field war-reporter says #Rudaw crew are safe and no casualties reported as ISIS suicide bomber detonates self. <picture>] @RudawEnglish     02:10-17oct.2016 [EXCLUSIVE: #Peshmerga continues to advance in eastern #Mosul. More videos:  #TwitterKurds #ISIS <video>] @K24English     02:13-17oct.2016 [Video: The moment Islamic State suicide-bomber denotes self nearby Rudaw crew and Peshmerga troops. #MosulOffensive <video>] @RudawEnglish     02:23-17oct.2016 [Warplanes of the US-led coalition reportedly hit a position of ISIS east of Mosul #MosulOps] @Ruptly     02:28-17oct.2016 [Iraqi Forces liberate al-Khidr, Kani Harami, Quriyet al-Abbas and have almost secured Ibrahim Khalil & al-‘Adlah south of Mosul] @sayed_ridha     Deleted content from twitter [Peshmerga soldier threatens the leader of ISIS Abu-Baker al-Baghdadi, while pointing to militant bodies. #MosulOffensive]     02:36-17oct.2016 [PMU says IS commander in south Mosul Ahmad Khattab has been killed] @sayed_ridha     02:45-17oct.2016 [Peshmerga capture Shoqali, Bazkartan, Sheikh ‘Ameer, Baskhara, Tarjala, Badana & are on edge of Bartella district] @sayed_ridha     02:48-17oct.2016 [#Iraqi #PMU Civil Defense supporting and expanding IDP camps for all civilians fleeing #ISIS held #Mosul. Humanitarian support #1 priority <picture>] @AlSuraEnglish     02:53-17oct.2016 [Reports of ancient city of #Nimrud liberated by #ISF. #Mosul #MosulOps] @littleletters     02:59-17oct.2016 [Peshmerga are storming Bartella east of Mosul] @sayed_ridha     03:09-17oct.2016 [Mosul mosques call every man to carry a weapon and defend himself, his family, his home and his city.. #Iraq #ISIS] @RamiAlLolah     03:09-17oct.2016 [Doesn’t look like ISIS will give up #Mosul easily. Amaq says so far 6 suicide bombers attacked Peshmerga forces South East #Mosul. @akhbar <text>] @jenanmoussa     03:17-17oct.2016 [#BREAKING: Four Peshmerga soldiers martyred during fighting with Islamic State group in #Mosul. <picture>] @RudawEnglish     03:19-17oct.2016 [The Iraqi military says it destroyed eight #ISIS car bombs during the ongoing #MosulOps #Iraq <map>] @michaelh992     03:28-17oct.2016 [ #BREAKING: Coalition fighter jets pound Mosul centre as advances against #ISIS continue. #MosulOffensive] @RudawEnglish      03:21-17oct.2016 [Battle for Mosul: Offensive under way to drive out ISIL – peshmerga taking ground #Mosul <video>] @ZeinakhodrAljaz     03:27-17oct.2016 [#US SOF on the ground with #Peshmerga during #MosulOp #Iraq <picture>] @Aldin_ww     03:28-17oct.2016 [#BREAKING:Coalition fighter jets pound Mosul centre as advances against #ISIS continue. #MosulOffensive] @RudawEnglish     03:31-17oct.2016 [#BREAKING: Shallaw, Son of senior #PUK member Kosrat Ali suffers minor injuries during #MosulOffensive. <picture>] @RudawEnglish     03:38-17oct.2016 [How Iraq Plans to Take Back Mosul From ISIS @nytimes <map>] @mutludc     03:41-17oct.2016 [Renewed coalition airstrike on Bartella, east of Mosul #Iraq #MosulOps] @michaelh992     03:41-17oct.2016 [Iraqi & Kurdish forces continue operations to liberate al-Hamdaniyah district centre, it is also known as Bakhdida or Qaraqosh] @sayed_ridha     03:43-17oct.2016 [The puff of grey smoke is from a car bomb that blew three secs before the picture was taken in village on way to #mosul <picture>] @Josiensor     03:44-17oct.2016 [Peshmerga liberated: Kebirli, Sheikh Emir, Shaquli, Bazgrtan, Tarjala, Baskhra, small Badana and big Badana villages. #FreeMosul <picture>] @PeshmergaNews     03:54-17oct.2016 [#Peshmerga forces reached #Hamdania junction only 7Km Away from the city of #Mosul #TwitterKurds #MosulOffensive <picture>] @MevanAkreyi     Deleted content from Twitter [Australian SAS also assisting in Mosul Offensive]     04:04-17oct.2016 [Kurdish #Peshmerga forces as they advanced on the Khazir front against ISIS towards Mosul. #FreeMosul <picture>] @PeshmergaNews     04:05-17oct.2016 [#US special forces monitoring the frontline #Mosul #Iraq via @Josiensor <picture>] @aldin_ww     04:16-17oct.2016 [Iraqi 9th Armoured Division on Gwer front #Mosul <picture>] @sayed_ridha     04:18-17oct.2016 [Gwer, Mosul <picture>] @sayed_ridha     04:29-17oct.2016 [ … <map>] @AlSuraEnglish     04:48-17oct.2016 [Coalition airstrike ( …) on 8 October 2016 geolocated in Mosul, Iraq ( …). <picture>] @trbrtc     Deleted content from Twitter [US Air force B-52 bombers carry out airstrikes against Islamic State group, while Peshmerga troops advance on ground. #MosulOffensive]     04:59-17oct.2016 [Residents of al-Hawd a village southeast of Mosul greeting Iraqi forces #Iraq #MosulOps <picture>] @michaelh992     05:02-17oct.2016 [VIDEO: Iraqi Army 9th Armored Division advancing as part of the #Mosul offensive. – @ArmY_Iq <video>] @Conflicts     05:06-17oct.2016 [#Peshmerga minesweeper clearing a safe path for the advancing forces. Photo Warzer Jaff #FreeMosul <picture>] @PeshmergaNews     05:12-17oct.2016 [HashdAlWatani/Guards of #Nineveh, trained by #Turkish military, on the #Mosul war scene. <picture>] @taylieli     05:17-17oct.2016 [#BREAKING: #ISIS suicide car bomb detonates next to an #Iraq-i army tank – southeastern #Mosul ! More videos:  <video>] @K24English     05:26-17oct.2016 [#Iraq: Anatolia news agency crew escaped a daesh car bomb attack #MosulOps <video>] @Eire_QC     05:41-17oct.2016 [French artillery units carrying out strikes against #ISIS targets near/in Mosul #Iraq #MosulOps <video>] @michaelh992     05:43-17oct.2016 [VIDEO: French artillery units providing support for #Mosul offensive – @Defense_Iraq <video>] @Conflicts     05:47-17oct.2016 [Shiite militiamen publish series of picture depicting their participation in #MosulOffensive against Islamic State group. #Mosul <picture>] @RudawEnglish     Suspended account [ISIL via Amaq claimed they damaged Iraqi Abrams tank near Qayyarah crossroad south of Mosul <text>]     06:00-17oct.2016 [#LIVE: Kurdish President @Masoud_Barzani: “Today is a turning point in the war against terrorism.” #MosulOffensive <picture>] @RudawEnglish     06:07-17oct.2016 [#Live: Kurdish President @Masoud_Barzani says nearly 200 Sqkm liberated as efforts underway to control Mosul. #MosulOffensive <picture>] @RudawEnglish     06:11-17oct.2016 [No political plan in place but « we do hope there will not be any kinds of problems, »@masoud_barzani says of start of #Mosul op vs #ISIS <picture>] @jseldin     06:14-17oct.2016 [« Not going to be a short operation. It’s going to take time » @masoud_barzani says of #Mosul, expects continued coordination with #Iraq] @jseldin     06:16-17oct.2016 [#Live: Role of Peshmerga has been specified, just as that of the Iraqi army has been, we are prepared to support Iraqi army — #Barzani.] @RudawEnglish     06:16-17oct.2016 [LIVE — KRG President Massoud Barzani: So far, 200 square kilometers of land cleared from Daesh terrorists in Mosul operation] @DailySabah     06:16-17oct.2016 [KRG President @masoud_barzani « confident » #Iraq army can enter #Mosul without #Peshmerga but says Kurds stand ready to help] @jseldin     Suspended account [ISIL via Amaq claimed they damaged Iraqi Abrams tank near Qayyarah crossroad south of Mosul]     06:33-17oct.2016 [Major #Mosul displacement may start in less than a week, says #UN humanitarian coordinator in #Iraq @AFP] @mojobeirut     06:42-17oct.2016 [Helicopters belonging to the Kurdish forces on standby near the the front to evacuate heavily wounded #Peshmerga. #FreeMosul <video>] @PeshmergaNews     06:44-17oct.2016 [Barzani: « There is an agreement between us and #Baghdad about #Mosul after its liberation from #Daesh »] @integrity_UK     06:49-17oct.2016 [18+ Insane footage of #ISIS #VBIED ramming & nuking a BMP in Mossul via @KhasievSuleiman <video>] @Interbrigades     06:50-17oct.2016 [Surprising combination: ex-Bundeswehr Faun SLT 50 Elefant loaded with TOS-1 on the way to @Mosul <picture>] @ToyotaWars     06:50-17oct.2016 [VIDEO: Iraq’s military, Kurdish forces are on the move south and east of Islamic State group-held city of Mosul.] @AP     07:37-17oct.2016 [BREAKING: The 9th Division of #Iraq’s army has liberated the 4 villages of Al-Jayif, Kahari, Balawat and Shahid Subhi. #MosulOp] @IraquiSecurity     08:08-17oct.2016 [Number of troops in action regarding #MosulOffensive oscillates between 25000-80000. Data from @AlJazeera and @washingtonpost respectively.] @Maorios94     08:21-17oct.2016 [Map via @TheStudyofWar showing the current frontline status of the #MosulOffensive – #Mosul #Iraq #Peshmerga <map>] @theatresofwar     Deleted content from Twitter [Reports coming in for the second day that Isis fighters largely retreating to Mosul’s Right Side (southwest half) and abandoning posts]     08:43-17oct.2016 [#MosulOp: Great footage from clashes south of #Mosul. #Iraq’s forces have captured more than a dozen villages today. <video>] @IraqiSecurity     08:57-17oct.2016 [Steady progress on all fronts in first day of #Mosul operation. Coalition strikes destroyed 52 targets in 24 hours. …] @brett_mcgurk     09:03-17oct.2016 [Breaking: Iraqi Forces liberated AlHud village south of #Mosul. #MosulOps #MosulOffensive #Mosul_Offensive] @Maryam_AlRubaiy     09:06-17oct.2016 [Another #ISIS suicide bomber rushing toward #Peshmerga taken out by MILAN ATGM … Operation #SauronDownfall #MosulOps #Iraq <picture>] @aldin_ww     09:17-17oct.2016 [Iraqi air force Su-25 jets <video>] @iqAirForce     09:20-17oct.2016 [Iraq Air force F-16s hit convoy of ISIL, 30 cars destroyed on their way to Syria] @ISOF_IRAQ     09:22-17oct.2016 [#IRAQ: #Canada Indirectly Taking Part in the Battle of #Mosul — … <picture>] @ConflictObserve     09:34-17oct.2016 [Example of propaganda re #Mosul that’s being distributed on IS social media networks <poster>] @MichaelSSmithII     09:40-17oct.2016 [#ISIS once again uses children to execute alleged « spies » in #Iraq. #LostGeneration <picture>] @Aahronheim     09:42-17oct.2016 [Kurdish Pêşmerga Forces prepare a UAV for use against ISIS terrorists today in the #Mosul offensive. <picture>] @Dr_Partizan     09:53-17oct.2016 [VIDEO: Alleged ISIS ATGM attack on an ISF M1 Abrams near Al-Qayyarah. – @bjoernstritzel <video>] @Conflicts     10:25-17oct.2016 [Around 30,000 Iraqi and Kurdish #Peshmerga forces are moving forward to take control #ISIS stronghold of #Mosul city (Picture : @Reuters). <picture>] @RudawEnglish     10:28-17oct.2016 [Video Screen Shot of 1 of 6 #ISIS #suicide vehicles that #attacked the #Peshmerga #assault convoy on #Mosul #Iraq #offensive this morning <picture>] @ocgreenway     10:46-17oct.2016 [What seems to be FGM-148 Javelin ATGM during today’s operation #SauronDownfall #MosulOps #Iraq <picture>] @aldin_ww     10:56-17oct.2016 [Iraq forces launch battle to retake IS stronghold Mosul  <map>] @AFP     12:15-17oct.2016 [In less than 24hrs, Peshmerga clear nine villages in East Mosul, secure additional stretch of Erbil-Mosul road and destroy four ISIL VBIEDs. <text>] @GCPFKurdistan     12:16-17oct.2016 [Peshmerga, US SOF and US CF directing artillery and aviation strikes in #MosulOp <picture>] @AbraxasSpa     12:18-17oct.2016 [Western SOF in a pick-up armed with M2-QBC + ACOG 6x with RMR, and again the Polaris MRZR-2 loaded with Javelin ATGMs #MosulOp <picture>] @AbraxasSpa     12:24-17oct.2016 [9 villages east of Mosul have been liberated from the Islamic State, as well as a stretch of the Erbil-Mosul road, Kurdish officials say] @BNONews     12:33-17oct.2016 [#IS claims several attacks against #Iraq(i) army, Shia militias & #Peshmerga in 8 villages on outskirts of #Mosul <text>] @Aahronheim     13:40-17oct.2016 [Pro-#ISIS Yaqin Media created an infographic from results reported by ‘Amaq News Agency for the first day of the #Mosul_Offensive <graphic design>] @siteintelgroup     14:00-17oct.2016 [Crazy footage of ISIS fighter blowing himself up during #MosulOps. Incredible reporting by @npwcnn for @jaketapper. #Mosul <video>] @AmarAmarsingam     14:10-17oct.2016 [Mass civilian casualties ahead. The #USA B-52 bomber will be ‘paving the ground’ for Peshmerga & Shiite militias in Mosul.. #ISIS #Iraq <video>] @RamiAlLolah     22:10-17oct.2016 [#IRAQ #IslamicState Releases Video Features The Interviews Of #Mosul’s Residents About The Ongoing Battle. #TerrorMonitor <picture> @Terror_Monitor     22:11-17oct.2016 [#BREAKING Iraqi army liberate al Zawiya villages and advancing towards Hammam al Alil town .. #MosulOffensive #MosulOps #Iraq] @raveenaujmaya     22:20-17oct.2016 [#MosulOffensive: Iraqi forces continue to advance towards Hamam Alil. <picture>] @RudawEnglish     22:31-17oct.2016 [Senior PKK commander Murat Karayilan says the #PKK is ready to take part in #Mosul offensive if ISIS resists and their forces are needed] @AylinaKilic     22:53-17oct.2016 [Leader of Islamic State Abu Baker al-Baghdadi, and explosives expert Fawzi Ali Nouimehi are in #Mosul — Iraq’s Former Minister of Finance. <picture>] @RudawEnglish     23:38-17oct.2016 [Mosul offensive enters its second day as Iraqi forces renew push from Gwer & al-Qiyyarah axis, advancing towards Hamam al-Aleel] @sayed_ridha     23:59-17oct.2016 [(28) Iraqi aviation drops over 17 million leaflets over 16 districts in the province of Nainawa, & the rest of the areas still under ISIL] @MosulEye     01:27-18oct.2016 [BREAKING: First batch of civilians fleeing from Mosul city reach safety in Hud village – @RudawEnglish <picture>] @Conflicts     02:06-18oct.2016 [#PKK commanders are saying their forces in place to take part in #MosulOps #Iraq #mosul] @ShwanZulal     02:10-18oct.2016 [#Iraq|i Army Aviation Bell IA-407s (Sqn 21), EC-635s (Sqn 55), Mi-35s (Sqn 35) are now deployed at #Erbil #MosulOps #Mosul_Offensive <picture>] @Arn_Del     02:10-18 oct.2016 [Frontlinie: Bertala, ten oosten van #Mosul. <picture>] @RenaNetjes     02:18-18oct.2016 [18. #IS just reported another suicide operation nr #Qayarrah. Defensive suicide may come to characterise the early stages of this battle.] @charliewinter     02:30-18oct.2016 [#BREAKING – #Iraqi F16 airstrikes on #ISIS in #Mosul destroying weapon storages and mission centres. Air strikes continue throughout day <video>] @AlSuraEnglish     Suspended account [US Air force B-52 bombers carry out airstrikes against Islamic State group, while Peshmerga troops advance on ground. #MosulOffensive <picture>]     03:45-18oct.2016 [Insides an Isis 4meter deep tunnel in Badana village on Khazir frontline. E.Mosul .They made these tunnels for sniper fire&avoid airstrikes <picture>] @FazelHawramy     04:18-18oct.2016 [Islamic State said to lose ground as coalition closes on Mosul <link>] @Reuters     05:34-18oct.2016 [#BREAKING: Iraqi joint operations command: Iraqi forces control parts of Hamdaniya district. #MosulOffensive] @RudawEnglish     06:09-18oct.2016 [#BREAKING: Iraqi security forces retake al-Sirt village north of Qayyara and heading towards Talul Nasir. #MosulOffensive <picture>] @RudawEnglish     06:33-18oct.2016 [Latest US/coalition airstrikes going heavy after #ISIL #ISIS firepower-mortar/artillery in #Mosul and environs per @CJTFOIR <text>] @jseldin     07:07-18oct.2016 [Smoke trails aroun Bartella 17 october 2016 #ISIS #Mosul #SauronDownfall #Iraq <aerial photography>] @aldin_ww     08:15-18oct.2016 [Isis show of force in Mosul last night . Their faces covered and the streets look empty #Iraq <picture>] @FazelHawramy     08:36-18oct.2016 [(13) ISIL detention camps still filled with prisoners. We believe that the estimated number of prisoners is about 2000-2500.] @MosulEye     08:43-18 oct.2016 [(26) ISIL executed 12 prisoners this morning (10-18-2016)] @MosulEye     08:44-18oct.2016 [#ISIS evacuated al-Hamdaniyah and Iraqi flag flies on the city’s governor building #MosulOffensive] @DwarozhEnglish     09:05-18oct.2016 [#Mosul #isis used so far 16 suicide vehicles to attack both #Peshmerga & #IraqiArmy + hashed shaabi <photo>] @Kovandire     10:13-18oct.2016 [#Iraq #AlHamdania & #Shoraa areas totally cleared from #ISIS civilians happy with the clearance of #AlHamdania #MosulOps #Mosul <picture>] @haditha_tribe     10:36-18oct.2016 [Pentagon: Over 100 US special operations forces embedded with Iraqi and Kurdish forces outside Mosul, but away from the front lines] @LucasFoxNews     21:10-18oct.2016 [#BREAKING – #Iraqi Fed. Police kill over 30 #ISIS fighters and liberate 50 oil wells in Ain al-Jahash of al Shurah area south of #Mosul <picture>] @AlSuraEnglish     21:58-18oct.2016 [ISIS has attacked Iraqi forces in Hamdaniya, 35km southeast of Mosul, with 2 suicide car bombs. No reports of casualties yet.] @RudawEnglish     22:36-18oct.2016 [#BREAKING: ISIS forced to retreat into the village of Abbasiyah as Iraqi forces continue offensive against the militant group. #MosulOps <picture>] @RudawEnglish     22:55-18oct.2016 [#BREAKING: Iraqi forces have liberated Kani Harami village after intense fighting with #ISIS militants. #MosulOffensive] @RudawEnglish     22:56 – 18 oct. 2016 [#BREAKING – Remains of #ISIS headquarters in Bajwan village south of #Mosul liberated by #Iraqi Federal Police yesterday <picture>] @AlSuraEnglish     23:35–18oct.2016 [#Iraqi troops advances against #ISIS in #MosulOffensive stifled due to planted bombs. <picture>] @RudawEnglish     23:54-18oct.2016 [VIDEO: Moment injured #ISIS fighter detonates his suicide vest next to Peshmerga forces. Very close call. <video>] @GissiSim     00:08-19oct.2016 [Satellite images show the area of #Mosul as the #Coalition forces advance on the #ISIL strongholds. <video>] @BarzanSadiq     00:36-19oct.2016 [#BREAKING #ISIL detonates #Nineveh governorate building in the center of #Mosul.] @BarzanSadiq     Deleted content from Twitter [ISIS exploded the building of Nineveh Provincial Council in Mosul]     02:00-19oct.2016 [Iraqi Security Forces report that 9 #Daesh militants have been killed following strikes on al-Ba’aj west of #Mosul #MosulOps <picture><map>] @integrity_UK     02:16-19oct.2016 [Burning oil trenches on ISIL frontline <video>] @Bassam_Nasralla     02:21-19oct.2016 [Yawar: #US’s involvement in Post-ISIS is needed to secure the region. #RudawCenter <picture>] @RudawEnglish     02:56-19oct.2016 [#Iraqi Army Aviation close air support conduct low pass on advancing #Iraqi Army troops fighting #ISIS south of #Mosul <video>] @AlSuraEnglish     03:01-19oct.2016 [Following from unconfirmed reports yesterday, al-Zawiya village has been liberated and the Iraqi flag raised above its buildings #MosulOps <picture>] @integrity_UK     03:09-19oct.2016 [Mosul offensive enter 3rd day, ISF source announce fully securing of al-Zawiyah town & outskirts near al-Hawd] @sayed_ridha     03:16-19oct.2016 [Intense clashes in Nimrod district as Iraqi Army clash with IS on Qariyet al-Abass axis <picture>] @sayed_ridha     05:07-19oct.2016 [#BREAKING: #ISIS militants have made several trenches to maintain control of Abbasiyah, south east of Mosul. <picture>] @RudawEnglish     05:09-19oct.2016 [Went back with some villagers to newly liberated Badana Gawra on way to #Mosul. This is what we found… <picture>] @Josiensor     05:2 -19oct.2016 [#BREAKING – #Iraqi Federal Police and #Iraqi #PMU have liberated 18 villages south of #Mosul. List will be out soon with total #ISIS losses] @AlSuraEnglish     05:25-19oct.2016 [Pentagon says 100 US troops advancing w/ Iraqi + Kurd forces at division HQ level but also more forward w/ CT units <link>] @mike_giglio     05:33-19oct.2016 [Sections of Federal Police take over 50 Kornet missiles, 120 mortars and two vehicles belonging to #Daesh #MosulOps <picture>] @integrity_UK     05:46-19oct.2016 [These families escaped ISIS held villages in Iraq using tractors, cars and in one case a donkey. They were followed by flocks of sheep. <picture>] @TamerELG     Suspended account [Iraq counter terrorism units arrived to Al-Hamdanyia and will push forward with police toward Hammam Al-Alil <picture>]     06:07-19oct.2016 [Heavy clashes between Iraqi forces and ISIL in villages at Nimrud area south to Mosul <picture>] @2011iqbgd2017     06:09-19oct.2016 [#BREAKING Iraqi military forces storm al Hamdaniyah center.. #MosulOffensive] @raveenaujmaya     06:12-19oct.2016 [#Qaraqosh surrounded by Iraqi forces. Iraqi Special forces « The Golden Division » have just arrived, operation imminent #mosulop #trouble] @BrowneGareth     06:14-19oct.2016 [WATCH LIVE: ISIS attacks Iraqi army positions near Hamdaniya. … #Mosul #MosulOps <picture>] @BaxtiyarGoran     06:27-19oct.2016 [ISIL targeted Iraqi tank at village of Abbasiyah, Nimrud district <picture>] @rudaw_arabic     06:36-19oct.2016 [Drones over Mosul – Iraqi Army offensive to liberate Mosul viewed from above:  via @YouTube <video>] @AlSuraEnglish     06:38-19oct.2016 [#BREAKING: #ISIS militants blow up an Iraqi army tank near to Abbasiyah village southeast of Mosul. #MosulOffensive] @RudawEnglish     Deleted account [Italian ambassador in Baghdad in a helicopter to the Mosul dam to check on Italian engineers working on it <picture>]     Deleted content from Twitter [IS claims to have repelled an Iraqi army advance on the village of Al Abbas southeast of Mosul <text>]     Deleted account [ISIL: 15 Iraqi soldiers killed and wounded after being targeted by rocket projectiles while entering a home in the village of Hud, south Mosul. <text>]     07:10-19oct.2016 [Peshmerga forces are expected to participate in the offensive of retaining Talafar north of #Mosul from #ISIS] @DwarozhEnglish     07:50-19oct.2016 [Near Shaquli, #Iraq as troops pause during the #Mosul offensive against #ISIS <picture>] @bkesling     08:14-19oct.2016 [Peshmerga troops on an abandoned ISIS car bomb seized during Mosul offensive #SweetRide <picture>] @bkesling     08:23-19oct.2016 [Islamic State graffiti on a police check point at Kanash village near Gwer frontline (47 km to southeast Mosul) <picture>] @FazelHawramy
08:30-19oct.2016 [#IRAQ #IslamicState Claims Launched A Counter-Attack In #Balawat Village, South Of #Mosul. #TerrorMonitor <text>] @Terror_Monitor     08:34-19oct.2016 [Iraqi soldier to Kurdistan24: « After liberating #Mosul, we’ll head to #Syria to liberate #Aleppo & raise the Syrian flag there. » #MosulOps] @BaxtiyarGoran     08:43-19oct.2016 [31. #IS has released photo report of fighting to east of #Mosul, including, among others, a photo of this (teen?) suicide bomber <picture>] @charliewinter     Deleted content from Twitter [Peshmerga forces on the outskirts of ISIL controlled Bashika town <picture>]     09:04-19oct.2016 [#BREAKING US general claims IS leaders ‘abandoning’ Mosul] @AFP     09:09-19oct.2016 [PM Haidar al-Abadi visits Iraqi forces at Mosul frontline <picture>] @sayed_ridha     10:16-19oct.2016 [Masked Islamic State militants patrol the streets of Mosul as Iraqi forces launch a battle to retake the city  <picture>] @reuterspictures     10:50-19oct.2016 [Troops are discovering tunnels dug by ISIS as the battle for Mosul in Iraq continues <video>] @CNN     11:10-19oct.2016 [Apocalyptic scenes near Qayyarah today. #Mosul #Iraq #ISIS <picture>] @MarquardtA     11:12-19oct.2016 [Mosul Today: Iraqi military calls on Iraqis fighting for the Islamic State group in Mosul to surrender.] @AP     11:12-19oct.2016 [#Iraq’s forces continued their push south of #Mosul on the 3rd day of #MosulOp, retaking Bajwaniyah and ‘Asmaniyah. <picture>] @IraqiSecurity     11:13-19oct.2016 [Man with the Golden Gun. Bodyguard for #Iraq MP. Apparently this is an option for standard issue MP5 if you guard an MP. #Mosul <picture>] @MarquardtA     11:15-19oct.2016 [« We want a good solution for #Mosul »: president #Barzani telling @cnni @camanpour #Kurdistan <picture>] @havall73     11:24-20oct.2016 [#Iraq’s army and Assyrian NPU forces preparing to liberate Bakhdida, southeast of #Mosul. Godspeed. <picture>] @IraqiSecurity     11:29-19oct.2016 [Other villages retaken today by #Iraq’s forces south of #Mosul include: •Al-Bakr, •Sa’eywiyah, •Najmat Al-Muhandis. <picture>] @IraqiSecurity     11:33-19oct.2016 [Iraqi soldiers in charge of Ibrahim Khalil village taken three days ago, (35km to the southeast of Mosul) #Iraq <picture> <map>] @FazelHawramy     11:45-19oct.2016 [#ISIS video pretends life in #Mosul ‘safe and normal’  <picture>] @AlArabiya_Eng     11:46-19oct.2016 [Hashd Shaabi (PMU) will reportedly begin their assault on the western axis of Mosul in the next 48 hours <text>] @sayed_ridha     11:5 -19oct.2016 [Isis punishment for what they consider ‘crimes’: adultery, homosexual relationship, drinking alcohol. (Ibrahim Khalil village, S.E. Mosul) <picture> <map>] @FazelHawramy     11:56-19oct.2016 [Dramatic firefight against ISIS in Mosul caught on camera  <video>] @NBCNews     12:22-19oct.2016 [Breaking:peshmarga forces set to liberate #batnaya +5villages in Nineveh Plains in the next few hours,IQ army then goes into Telkef#mosulops] @thestevennabil     12:33-19 oct.2016 [24 hours after Al Houd retaken UNICEF + partners delivered first humanitarian assistance to 9000 people #MosulAid <picture>] @UNICEFiraq     Deleted content from Twitter [Iraq – Military helicopters parked on a road. #Mosul <picture>]     12:54-19oct.2016 [#ISIS posted a video that shows them in control of Hammam Ali town.. Town itself look suspiciously quiet.. #Mosul #SauronDownfall #Iraq <video>] @aldin_ww     13:02-19oct.2016 [Not an archive picture… #Iraq soldiers in 2016 on front line of #Mosul offensive near #Qayyarah @AFPphoto by @yasinnakgul <picture>] @mojobeirut     13:06-19oct.2016 [#Iraq’s armed forces liberated the village of Mishraq in the Nimrud district, southwest of #Mosul, today. <picture>] @IraqiSecurity     13:14-19oct.2016 [Iraq’s Golden Division move into position north of Mosul: <picture>] @jrug     14:34-19oct.2016 [Badge of Assyrian Christian militia fighting for their ancient villages in Iraq. ISIS have desecrated their churches: <picture>] @jrug     21:26-19oct.2016 [Airstrike just now on #IS positions #Peshmerga #Mosuloffensive <picture>] @OrlaGuerin     22:37-19oct.2016 [Breaking: Peshmerga surrounded village of Kani Shirin near Mosul Dam NW Mosul/ #Mosul #Peshmerga #MosulOps <map>] @peshmerga_46     23:12-19oct.2016 [Batnay village, 8km south of Tel Skuf, has been liberated by #Peshmerga forces. #MosulOffensive] @RudawEnglish     23:27-19oct.2016 [#Peshmerga raise the Kurdistan flag over Nawaran village, north of Mosul. #MosulOffensive <video>] @RudawEnglish     23:28-19oct.2016 [ISIS IEDs/landmines and snipers as Iraqi forces launched offensive on Telskuf axis <picture>] @Rudaw_arabic     22:37-19oct.2016 [Breaking: Peshmerga surrounded village of Kani Shirin near Mosul Dam NW Mosul/ #Mosul #Peshmerga #MosulOps <map>] @peshmerga_46     22:50-19oct.2016 [#Peshmerga discovered an 800 metre-long tunnel between Fadhliya and Khorsabad villages, wide enough for vehicles to use.  #MosulOffensive] @RudawEnglish       23:10-19oct.2016 [Iraqi special forces are advancing on Bartella, 20km east of Mosul, backed by coalition airstrikes.  #MosulOffensive] @RudawEnglish     23:12-19oct.2016 [Batnay village, 8km south of Tel Skuf, has been liberated by  #Peshmerga forces.  #MosulOffensive] @RudawEnglish     23:19-19oct.2016 [Peshmerga have taken a number of villages on Nawaran front, north of Mosul <picture>] @FazelHawramy     23:24-19oct.2016 [Peshmerga forces are at the entrance of Baybukhat Bashiqa village <picture>] @rudaw_arabic     23:27-19oct.2016 [DEVELOPING Upper and Lower  #Smaqiya and Dere villages are under  #Peshmerga’s control in  #Batnaya, northern  #Mosul.] @BarzanSadiq     23:27-19oct.2016 [#Peshmerga raise the Kurdistan flag over Nawaran village, north of Mosul.  #MosulOffensive <video>] @RudawEnglish     23:28-19oct.2016 [ISIL planted a lot of explosive devices around Batnay village <picture>] @rudaw_arabic     23:28-19oct.2016 [#BREAKING: Peshmerga forces liberated three more villages; Naweran, Barima and Batany northeast of Mosul.  #MosulOffensive <video>] @RudawEnglish       23:31-19oct.2016 [Watch our livestream of  #Mosuloffensive, bringing you unprecedented access to the war on  #ISIS  <picture>] @RudawEnglish     23:34-19oct.2016 [ISIL planted a lot of explosive devices around Batnay village <picture>] @RudawEnglish     Suspended account [Iraq counter terrorism units have stormed Christian village of Bartella east Mosul not much resistance]     23:40-19oct.2016 [Peshmerga forces on advance between Batnay and Tall Kayf, North to Mosul <picture>] @rudaw_arabic     23:41-19oct.2016 [ISIS IEDs/landmines and snipers as Iraqi forces launched offensive on Telskuf axis <picture>] @rudaw_arabic     Suspended account [Italian ambassador in Baghdad in a helicopter to the Mosul dam to check on Italian engineers working on it <picture>]      23:51-19 oct.2016 [Rawan Barzani, brother of  #Kurdistan Region’s PM is participating in anti-ISIS efforts, says Peshmerga troops fighting on behalf of world. <video>] @RudawEnglish     23:53-19oct.2016 [MOSUL: Only  #ISIS booby traps that is preventing Peshmerga from advancing faster: Peshmerga commander –  @K24English] @Conflicts     00:03-20oct.2016 [#Peshmerga soldier displays remains of  #ISIS drone near  #Mosul. <picture>] @nabihbulos     00:04-20oct.2016 [Peshmerga forces continue offensive on Naweran frontline <video>] @rudaw_arabic     00:08-20oct.2016 [Correction: Batnay has not come under  #Peshmerga control yet. The village is encircled by Peshmerga forces, not liberated — Rudaw.  #MosulOps <picture>] @RudawEnglish     00:09-20oct.2016 [#BREAKING Two  #ISIL bombed cars destroyed by  #Milan weapon in  #Tiskhirab village.] @BarzanSadiq     00:15-20oct.2016 [Iraqi forces fighting ISIL on Southern Mosul front <picture>] @Bassam_Nasralla     00:19-20oct.2016 [ISOF are clashing with IS in outskirts of Bartella and Peshmerga have launched an assault on Naweran front] @sayed_ridha     00:31-20oct.2016 [Iraqi special forces launch ‘large-scale’ operation to retake Mosul <link>] @guardian     00:46-20oct.2016 [Peshmerga cleared Nawaran area of ISIS bombs and continue progress <video>] @rudaw_arabic     00:47-20oct.2016 [Heavy clashes ongoing in village of Tisxrab between  #Peshmerga forces and  #IS fighters.] @Barzani_HN     00:49-20oct.2016 [#BREAKING:  #Peshmerga liberated 6 villages and the town of Batnaya from  #ISIS, a Peshmerga commander to  @K24English <picture>] @BaxtiyarGoran     00:52-20oct.2016 [In-Pictures: Peshmerga forces began a major offensive at dawn   #MosulOffensive <picture>] @RudawEnglish     00:59-20oct.2016 [Villages of Barima, Fazliya, Imam Razi, Nawaran and South & north Smaqa and Batnaya town liberated by  #Peshmerga. <link>] @BaxtiyarGoran     01:08-20oct.2016 [#Peshmerga engineer displaying mines left by  #ISIS. « These are  #Italian, from the stockpiles of  #Saddam, » he said.  #Mosul  #Iraq <picture>] @nabihbulos     01:20-20oct.2016 [#BREAKING: Peshmerga forces advance in northern  #Mosul. More videos:   #TwitterKurds  #ISIL <video>] @K24English     01:30-20oct.2016 [#BREAKING: Peshmerga forces advance in northern  #Mosul. More videos:   #TwitterKurds  #ISIL <video>] @K24English     01:30-20oct.2016 [Latest on  #MosulOffensive: Intense fighting ongoing between Peshmerga troops and ISIS militants. <picture>] @RudawEnglish     01:38-20oct.2016 [#BREAKING :  #Iraq-i security forces enter the town of Bartella, northern  #Mosul : Army More:   #TwitterKurds <picture>] @K24English     01:39-20oct.2016 [The entrance to Nowran. Kurdish troops now at the outskirts and moving in slowly  #Mosuloffensive  #Peshmerga <picture>] @OrlaGuerin     01:49-20oct.2016 [#BREAKING:  #Peshmerga forces besiege  #ISIS terrorists inside the village of Tez Khrab, northern  #Mosul. Watch full video on  @K24English <video>] @BaxtiyarGoran     01:52-20oct.2016 [#Kurdish troops advancing on foot. Every step is risky due to IEDs. Main cause of death for  #Peshmerga fighting  #IS <picture>] @OrlaGuerin     02:01-20oct.2016 [#BREAKING:  #Kurdistan Region counter-terrorism forces detonate an  #ISIS suicide car bomb in Batnaya town, northern  #Mosul.  #TwitterKurds <picture>] @K24English     02:02-20oct.2016 [Kurdish elite Counter-Terrorism Peshmerga Unit (CTU) took part in the offensives against ISIS this morning.  #FreeMosul <picture>] @PeshmergaNews     02:07-20oct.2016 [#Iraqi_forces break into towns of Sedawa, khapata, Manaweer, Salahya, and Khalidyah south of  #Mosul  #iraq  #isis <picture>] @Bassam_Nasralla     02:10-20oct.2016 [Fighting Isis with style: peshmerga fighter takes s selfie as he moves forward towards Isis positions at Nawaran frontline ,north Mosul <picture>] @FazelHawramy     02:11-20oct.2016 [#BREAKING: ‘Iraqi army has entered Barrtalla village’ says Fazil Barwari Iraqi special force commander.  #MosulOffensive] @RudawEnglish     02:14-20oct.2016 [#BREAKING: Islamic State group claims to have attacked Peshmerga troops through suicide-bomb attacks earlier today.  #MosulOffensive] @RudawEnglish     02:18-20oct.2016 [#BREAKING: Peshmerga frees Khrab Dalil and Bir Halan villages in northeastern  #Mosul. Read More:   #TwitterKurds <picture>] @K24English     02:37-20oct.2016 [#Peshmerga firing at an  #ISIS-held hamlet near  #Mosul.  #Syria  #Iraq <video>] @nabihbulos     02:38-20oct.2016 [Civilians continue to flee ongoing war against  #ISIS in Mosul (Picture: Qasioun).  #MosulOffensive <picture>] @RudawEnglish     02:49-20oct.2016 [Drones over  #Mosul 2 –  #Iraqi Army offensive to liberate  #Mosul viewed from above <video>] @AlSuraEnglish     02:56- 20oct.2016 [Smoke rises from oil wells set afire by IS near Qayyarah, Iraq <picture>] @wgdunlop     03:06-20oct.2016 [Apache attack helicopter flies along edge of Qayyarah base, south of Iraq’s Mosul. <picture>] @wgdunlop     03:07-21oct.2016 [#IRAQ  #IslamicState Claims Suicide Attack On  #ISF North Of  #Qayyarah, South Of  #Mosul.  #TerrorMonitor <text>] @Terror_Monitor     03:09-20oct.2016 [Peshmerga Forces fired upon a unmanned ISIS drone & downed it earlier today on the Neweran front.  #Mosul <video>] @AfarinMamosta     03:24-20oct.2016 [#ISIS mortar hits  #Peshmerga forces 3KM from Bashiqa, northeast of  #Mosul. <video>] @RudawEnglish     03:51-20oct.2016 [#BREAKING –  #Iraqi Special Forces liberated  #Assyrian town of  #Bartella east of  #Mosul from  #ISIS <picture (logo)>] @AlSuraEnglish     03:56-20oct.2016 [AlJazeera meldt dat de vice militaire leider, generaal Mustafa Korani van de Basheeqa regio is gedood door n explosie ten oosten van  #Mosul <picture>] @RenaNetjes     04:28-20oct.2016 [#Peshmerga official: 80% of today’s objectives have been completed. <picture>] @UniteKurdistan     04:40-20oct.2016 [Member of Nineveh Provincial Council Hakem al-Zamli says ISOF have liberated Bartella east of Mosul <picture>] @sayed_ridha     04:45-20oct.2016 [EXCLUSIVE: Watch  #Peshmerga forces detonate an  #ISIS suicide car bomb in northeastern  #Mosul. More:   #TwitterKurds <video>] @K24English     04:57-20oct.2016 [More IDPs pour into areas marked as safe, many more expected to arrive as they flee the  #MosulOffensive. <picture>] @RudawEnglish     05:10-20oct.2016 [Iraqi special forces charge into the Mosul battle and enter nearby town held by the Islamic State group.] @AP     05:11-20oct.2016 [EXCLUSIVE:  #Peshmerga detonate another  #ISIS suicide car bomb headed toward Kurdish forces – northeastern  #Mosul.  <video>] @K24English     05:43-20oct.2016 [Peshmerga forces bogged down all morning in village of Tish Kareem near Bashiqa by heavy resistance – IEDs and heavy gunfire  #mosulop  #mosul] @BrowneGareth     05:51-20oct.2016 [Breaking  #Livestream: Islamic State group launch attack on Peshmerga base, vehicle laden with explosives, attack foiled.  #MosulOffensive <picture>] @RudawEnglish     05:52-20oct.2016 [#Peshmerga firing ancient D-30 artillery piece at Nawaran  #Iraq  #MosulOffensive <video>] @balintszlanko     06:26-20oct.2016 [#EXCLUSIVE  #Apache helicopters flying over  #Tiskharab and  #Bartila eastern  #Mosul, targeting  #ISIL bases. <picture>] @BarzanSadiq     06:38-20oct.2016 [Four  #US Apache helicopters provide air support to  #Peshmerga Ops against  #ISIS in north & north east of  #Mosul  @K24English releases video <picture>] @BaxtiyarGoran     06:52-20oct.2016 [Apaches hunt ISIS terrorists as Peshmerga Forces standby to advance, north of  #Mosul. <video>] @AfarinMamosta     07:40-20oct.2016 [church in Qaraqosh destroyed by daesh satanists. <picture>] @pepperm4n     07:43-20oct.2016 [VIDEO:  #US Apache targets  #ISIS positions in Tiskhrab village in support of  #Peshmerga operation. Full video:  <video>] @K24English     08:00-20oct.2016 [Iraqi Army clash with IS in al-Shawra district south of Mosul] @sayed_ridha     09:34-20oct.2016 [We are helping  @OCHAIraq with responding to  #Mosul and monitoring of oil  #fires in Iraq. <aerial photography>] @UNOSAT     09:45-20oct.2016 [Iraqi forces seized Mishraq sulfur factory south of #Mosul##الموصل] @DwarozhEnglish     09:53-20oct.2016 [• 6  #ISIS snipers have been killed in Teskhrab village, 6 arrested & 4 surrendered themselves. • 7 Peshmarga fighters have been martyred.] @raveenaujmaya     10:03-20oct.2016 [Iraqi forces south to Mosul <picture>] @Bassam_Nasralla     10:15-20oct.2016 [Iraqi Abrambs tanks involved in fighting in Southern Mosul <video>] @Bassam_Nasralla     10:31-20oct.2016 [Some snaps from this morning’s rollout with Peshmerga on the Bashiqa front, 20km from Mosul <picture>] @PatrickOsgood     10:34-20oct.2016 [A US service member killed in northern  #Iraq. He was wounded in an IED attack & medivaced off the battlefield but later died of wounds.] @HamdiAlkhshali     11:01-20oct.2016 [U.S soldier died in Mosul battle <letter>] @sayed_ridha     Deleted content [US Service member killed by blast from road-side bomb in Iraq. – Fox News]     11:24-20oct.2016 [#Iraq’s army and Assyrian NPU forces preparing to liberate Bakhdida, southeast of  #Mosul. Godspeed. <picture>] @IraqiSecurity     11:51-20oct.2016 [Selfie of ISOF after fully liberating  #Bartala city.  #Mosul_Offensive  #ISIS  #Mosul  #iraq #الموصل_مع_الجيش <picture>] @Bassam_Nasralla     12:02-20oct.2016 [It is not clear which frontline the American serviceman was killed today near Mosul. There were many at Nawaran however <picture>] @FazelHawramy     12:52-20oct.2016 [Footage of the huge deployment of  #Iraq’s armed forces in southern Ninawa for  #MosulOp. The op is ahead of schedule. <video>] @IraqiSecurity     13:55-20oct.2016 [ISIS fighters spotted escaping Mosul disguised in women’s clothing] @FoxNews     14:08-20oct.2016 [Isis launched over 20 suicide car bombs today north and north east of Mosul: this one near Batnaya village close to TelOsqof  #Iraq <picture> <map>] @FazelHawramy     01:40-21oct.2016 [21 Oct –  #ISF recapture Nanaah south of Mosul – 36°0’14″N 43°17’25″E  @Liveuamap] @mike24601     01:45-21oct.2016 [TOS-1A  #MosulOps  #Mosul <picture>] @klkamashiq     02:10-21oct.2016 [Lieutenant Gen. Riyadh Jalal,  #Iraqi infantry forces’ com. met  #NPU  #Warriors, in Kanhash, preparing to  #Baghdedeh liberation.  #N_P_U  #NPDF <picture>] @NinevehPU     02:33-21oct.2016 [#IRAQ  #IslamicState’s  #AmaqAgency Releases Map Shows Ongoing Battles In South, East & North Of  #Mosul.  #TerrorMonitor  #MosulOps <map>] @Terror_Monitor     02:48-21oct.2016 [Brams tanks of  #Iraqi_forces destroy 4 explosive vehicles , with finding ton and a half of explosives in the south of  #Mosul areas  #isis <picture>] @Bassam_Nasralla     Suspended account [Islamic State Claims Repels Peshmerga Attack On North Of Mosul <text>]     03:00-21oct.2016 [5th day of Mosul offensive, Iraqi Army captures Duwayzat al-Tahtani on Makhmour front in order to assert pressure on Telul al-Nasr] @sayed_ridha     04:11-21oct.2016 [53.  #IS just claimed 2nd and 3rd  #Mosul defence suicide operations of the day.] @charliewinter     04:40-21oct.2016 [#ISIS take 550 families from villages around  #Mosul as ‘human shields’, spokeswoman for the  #UN human rights office said.  #Iraq  #MosulOps <picture>] @TheBaghdadPostE     05:03-21oct.2016 [photos of  #Iraqi_forces controlling Mishraq Sulfur State Company south of  #Mosul  #isis <picture>] @Bassam_Nasralla     05:31-21oct.2016 [Nawaran, near Mosul: peshmerga & journalists look on as a column of armored vehicles advance towards the foot of Bashiqa mountain  #Oct20 <video>] @FazelHawramy     05:54-21oct.2016 [Missile launches as new attack preparation South to Mosul <video>] @Bassam_Nasralla     07:59-21oct.2016 [US troops fire artillery towards  #Mosul, a major part of the American involvement in the campaign to dislodge ISIS from there. <video>] @TamerELG     08:38-21oct.2016 [Massive coalition airstrikes today on  #Mosul fronts. Also supporting the  #Peshmerga & people of  #Kirkuk wipe out infiltrating  #Daesh cells.] @brett_mcgurk     11:48-21oct.2016 [BREAKING: Pentagon identifies the sailor who was killed in an IED blast yesterday in  #MosulOps as Jason C. Finan (34) of California.  #Iraq] @K24English     Suspended account [TAF: « We support #Mosul operation with Fırtına howitzer and tank firing. » #EuphratesShield]     14:54-21oct.2016 [Oil fields set on fire by a retreating ISIS in Qayyarah during the Mosul offensive by  @Carl_Court  #Mosul_Offensive <picture>] @BetteMLynch     22:23-21oct.2016 [Iraqi army is moving against Isis on TelOsqof front north of Mosul , local media <picture>] @FazelHawramy     22:24-21oct.2016 [Breaking : iraqi army 9th div advances inside of Al Hamdanya  #mosulops] @thestevennabil     22:55-21oct.2016 [#Iraq troops recaptured Bartella Friday – today offensive on ISIL held Hamdaniya – aim to reach perimeters  #Mosul city] @ZeinakhodrAljaz     Deleted content [IS claim destroying 8 Peshmerga vehicles in VBIED northeast Mosul <text>]     23:23-21oct.2016 [#BREAKING: Iraqi forces enter Tilkef town (northern  #Mosul) and Hamdaniya (in south east).  #TwitterKurds  #Iraq] @K24English     Suspended account [Iraqi forces have captured Al-Hamdanyia southeast Mosul and raised the flag on its municipality building]     23:42-21oct.2016 [#BREAKING: US-led coalition warplanes pound  #ISIS positions in Tilkef town, northern  #Mosul. Live stream:  <picture>] @K24English     Suspended account [Activists: IS has recaptured Balawat village south-east Mosul after clashes with Hashd Shaabi (PMU)]     01:04-22oct.2016 [#now Iraqi army take assyrians city Qaraqosh, near Mosul, formerly Iraq’s largest Christian town | Reuters  #Peshmerga  #Kirkouk <picture>] @Kurdistan_dd     01:57-22oct.2016 [#Qayyarah town completely covered by a cloud of sulphur dioxide mixed with oil smoke after ISIS set fire to  #Mishraq plant. (1)] @martinsalice     02:42-22oct.2016 [U.S. troops don gas masks in Iraq as noxious smoke from Islamic State-lit sulphur fires drift over base in Qayyara. Story coming from  @WSJ] @bkesling     02:59-22oct.2016 [Iraqi Army in cooperation with Peshmerga capture fuel storage area near Fulayfil (Babira)] @sayed_ridha     03:13-22oct.2016 [BREAKING: At least two civilians die from  #sulphur release following  #ISIS bombing of  #Mishraq plant near  #Mosul: general  @AFP  #Iraq] @mojobeirut     03:23-22oct.2016 [Pleased 2be in the meeting between President  #Barzani &  @brett_mcgurk .Mosul ops successes & future ops discussed,Pehsmarge success praised. <picture>] @heminhawrami     03:25-22oct.2016 [#IRAQ  #IslamicState Claims Foils  #ISF &  #PMU Attempt to Capture  #Hamdaniya, SE  #Mosul.  #TerrorMonitor <text>] @Terror_Monitor     03:25-22oct.2016 [It’s time 2give  #ISIS taste of this; Qaraqosh-Bartella sector enthusiastic  #Iraq army men await orders to punish the enemy  #Mosul_Offensive <picture>] @sfrantzman     03:46-22oct.2016 [BREAKING: Iraqi journalist with  @alsumariatv killed covering battle against ISIS south of  #Mosul – @mojobaghdad] @Conflicts     04:02-23oct.2016 [#Rudaw crew driving through Bartella, a predominately Christian town, showing destroyed properties as a result of fighting.  #MosulOffensive <video>] @RudawEnglish     04:08-22oct.2016 [Local villagers sent this photo of a US drone they claimed had downed in their village near  #Erbil . <picture>] @RudawEnglish     04:29-22oct.2016 [Iraqi forces celebrate victory in town of Bartella near Mosul. Watch Live on Rudaw <picture>] @RudawEnglish     04:46-22oct.2016 [ISOF in an IS tunnel near Bartella <video>] @bm27_uragan     04:49-23oct.2016 [Peshmerga capture Terbaza village on Bashiqa axis] @sayed_ridha     04:50-22oct.2016 [CTS soldiers going to Erbil airport in Iraqi C-130 to participate in Mosul operation <picture>] @bm27_uragan     04:54-22oct.2016 [Iraqi forces in Bartella town <video>] @rudaw_arabic     05:00-22oct.2016 [The injured  #NPU soldier and hero is now well and recovering from the mortar that hit him during the liberation of  #Baghdadeh/  #Qaraqosh <picture>] @NinevehPU     05:25-22oct.2016 [Iraqi counter-terrorism units in Bartella town East to Mosul <video>] @mgsiraq     05:33-22oct.2016 [Pentagon says US engineers fixed a runway at Qayyarah West that was damaged by  #IslamicState to boost logistical support for Iraqi forces] @vmsalama     06:10-22oct.2016 [An  #ISIS VBIED being taken away from the Hamdanieh-Qaraqosh front via Khazir; Iraqi soldiers said they faced many suicide bombers in battles <picture>] @sfrantzman     06:25-22oct.2016 [Iraqi army deploying armored vehicles to Tel Osqof front  #MosulOffensive <picture>] @FazelHawramy     06:36-22oct.2016 [Toxic fumes from sulphur phosphates plant burns in  #Iraq  #Mosul_offensive which BBC says caused problems at US base … <picture>] @sfrantzman     10:32-22oct.2016 [#MosulOp:  #Iraq’s army is in the process of retaking Tel Keppe (aka Tal Kayf), just a few miles north of  #Mosul. <map>] @IraqiSecurity     11:37-22oct.2016 [#Iraq: the priest returned to the town of Bartella where he could sound the church bells for the 1st time in 2 years <picture>] @ThomasVLinge     11:43-22oct.2016 [Burning sulphur near  #Mosul sends hundreds to hospital,  #US troops don masks <link>] @AlArabiya_Eng     15:04-22oct.2016 [Clashes going on in  #Hamdaniya, SE of  #Mosul + Vehicles Seized by  #IS Fighters <video>] @WarNews24_7     22:52-22oct.2016 [US helicopter landing inside an Iraqi base south of Mosul, two officers (USMC and 101 st Airborne Division) walking in front of my camera <picture>] @DanieleRaineri     23:02-22oct.2016 [#Peshmerga female fighters participate in the  #Mosul operation in Bashiq frontline. See full video on  @K24English <picture>] @BaxtiyarGoran     Deleted content [Iraqi forces near Hamdania General Hospital <picture>]     00:17-23oct.2016 [Follow the latest on Day 7 of the  #MosulOffensive: Peshmerga launch two-pronged offensive against ISIS in Bashiqa <link>] @RudawEnglish     00:23-23oct.2016 [Scouts from Iraqi army 9th division sent into Hamdaniya, /Qaraqosh ran away after attack yesterday, abandoning vehicles to ISIS  #mosulop <picture>] @BrowneGareth     00:25-23oct.2016 [Iraqi Kurds launch new advance northeast of Mosul.] @AP     01:05-23oct.2016 [1) :  #US B-52 over Hamdaniya skies,  #Iraq  #Mosul 2, 3, 4) : ( #US B-52, A-10) & F-16 on duty over N  #Aleppo skies,  #Syria.  @BeyondTheLevant <picture>]  @M3t4_tr0n     02:09-23oct.2016 [So far,  #Peshemrga forces have liberated five villages in northern  #Mosul: Commander   #TwitterKurds  #Iraq <picture>] @K24English     02:15-23oct.2016 [EXCLUSIVE:  #Peshmerga forces advance toward Tiskhrab village, north east  #Mosul. More videos:   #TwitterKurds <video>] @K24English     02:17-23oct.2016 [Iraqi 9th Armor Division in center of Hamdanniyah now, 12Ks from Mosul. <picture>] @DavidMWitty1     02:29-23oct.2016 [A Kurdish special forces about to fire an anti tank missile at an  #ISIS armored plated/suicide truck bomb in Northern Mosul via  @warzerjaff <picture>] @PeshmergaNews     02:36-23oct.2016 [Iraqi forces using individual protect kits cause of burning Sulphur plant south to Mosul <picture>] @Bassam_Nasralla     02:42-23oct.2016 [Peshmerga engineering team defuse  #ISIS booby traps in the liberated villages – northern  #Mosul: Commander.  #TwitterKurds <picture>] @K24English     02:56-23oct.2016 [Iraqi army kills senior aide of Daesh’s leader Baghdadi in Mosul airstrike <link>] @DailySabah     03:18-23oct.2016 [#BREAKING The main Bashiqa – Mosul road now under Peshmerga control.  #MosulOps  #FreeMosul  #MosulOffensive] @Kurdistan_dd     03:33-23oct.2016 [Peshmerga artilleries heavily shell  #ISIS bases in the north east of  #Mosul: Commander   #TwitterKurds  #Iraq <picture>] @K24English     03:51-23oct.2016 [The main Bashiqa-Mosul road is now under  #Peshmerga control. Also liberated villages of Faziliya, Omar Qamchi and Tirza.  #MosulOps] @MsJulieLenarz     03:58-23oct.2016 [. #BREAKING news  #Peshmerga surrounding  #Bashiqa and beginning attack on town <link>] @sfrantzman     Deleted content [Iraq’s Qayyarah base: from IS control to Moaul battle hub where US-led forces are also deployed <picture>]     03:59-23oct.2016 [ISIL burning oil fields South to Mosul – black smoke covered the sky <picture>] @teamsmediawar     04:01-23oct.2016 [Iraqi Kurds say they captured town near Mosul <link>] @ReutersWorld     04:01-23oct.2016 [WATCH: Moment  #Kirkuk Peshmerga, police kill  #ISIS militant   #TwitterKurds <picture>] @K24English     04:02-23oct.2016 [#Rudaw crew driving through Bartella, a predominately Christian town, showing destroyed properties as a result of fighting.  #MosulOffensive <video>] @RudawEnglish     04:30-23oct.2016 [In-Pictures:  #Peshmerga forces foil attack by  #ISIS in  #Bashiqa.  #MosulOffensive <picture>] @RudawEnglish     04:38-23oct.2016 [#Breaking 8  #ISIS car _bombs were destroyed by  #Peshmerga forces and  #Coalition,in  #Newaran &#Bashiq fronts .] @MevanAkreyi     04:38-23oct.2016 [#Breaking 8  #ISIS car _bombs were destroyed by  #Peshmerga forces and  #Coalition,in  #Newaran &#Bashiq fronts .] @MevanAkreyi     04:49-23oct.2016 [Peshmerga capture Terbaza village on Bashiqa axis] @sayed_ridha     05:02-23oct.2016 [Peshmerga forces detonate  #ISIS car bomb in north east of  #Mosul. More videos:   #TwitterKurds <video>] @K24English     05:12-23oct.2016 [Iraqi forces fighting in Southern Mosul <video>] @Bassam_Nasralla     06:39-23oct.2016 [Turkish forces near Bashiqah, north of  #Mosul, reportedly supported the operation against the town with artillery strikes  #Iraq] @michaelh992     07:06-23oct.2016 [View from Bashiqa mountain : airstrike against Isis positions below <picture>] @FazelHawramy     07:40-23oct.2016 [The ISIS flag still flies high in the ISIS-held village of Faziliya, which is surrounded by  #Peshmerga forces. <video>] @RudawEnglish     07:53-23oct.2016 [American trained CTG forces next to Turkish forces on Mount Bashiqa overlooking the plains below where peshmerga trapped Isis in 8 villages <picture>] @FazelHawramy     07:57-23oct.2016 [Airstrikes were carried out against ISIS positions in  #Bashiqa  #MosulOffensive <video>] @RudawEnglish     08:09-23oct.2016 [#Peshmerga are now less than 9km from  #Mosul outskirts and have cordoned off 8 villages in Bashiqa area] @RudawEnglish     08:11-23oct.2016 [Turkish artillery and tanks in Bashiqa have fired on  #ISIS positions, says Turkish PM.  #MosulOffensive] @RudawEnglish     08:36-23oct.2016 [Convoy of 3 military vehicles belonging to US SOF spotted in today’s Peshmerga offensive.  #Mosul. <picture>] @AfarinMamosta     08:46-23oct.2016 [IS published a video of the clashes against the #Peshmerga near Tall Afar North of #Mosul. #Irak <video>] @geopolitiquee     08:46-23oct.2016 [PAK Peshmerga forces celebrating today’s successful mission on the Mosul fronts with traditional Kurdish dance.  #FreeMosul <video>] @PeshmergaNews     08:47-23oct.2016 [IRAQ:  @CJTFOIR spokesperson says Coalition has dropped 1400+ bombs/missiles on ISIS near  #Mosul over last 6 days.] @Conflicts     08:49-23oct.2016 [Coalition strikes on  #Mosul have reached an all time high: 1400 munitions dropped on ISIS 17-22 October says  @CJTFOIR  #MosulOffensive] @RudawEnglish     10:27-23oct.2016 [coalition airstrike on an antenna tower near Umarkan, ~20km SE of  #Mosul … <picture>] @obretix     10:35-23oct.2016 [ISIS sets sulfur mine ablaze as U.S. and Iraqi troops near Mosul – …] @Breaking911     21:08-23oct.2016 [What appears to be US Apache helicopters flew over Bashiqa town yesterday circling for over half an hour as Peshmerga encircled the town <video>] @FazelHawramy     21:08-23oct.2016 [What appears to be US Apache helicopters flew over Bashiqa town yesterday circling for over half an hour as Peshmerga encircled the town <video>] @FazelHawramy     23:46- 23oct.2016 [#BREAKING –  #Iraqi  #PMU Commanders meeting in  #Qayyarah AB now. Within 48 hours operations liberate Tal Afar west of  #Mosul will start <picture>] @AlSuraEnglish     23:52-23oct.2016 [#BREAKING: Iraqi army on the offensive, advancing forward in Al-Hamdaniya district, northeast of Nineveh governorate.  #MosulOffensive] @RudawEnglish     23:56-23oct.2016 [#EXCLUSIVE footage  #Peshmerga forces have destroyed  #ISIL  #VBIED near  #Nawaran village northeastern  #Mosul. <video>] @BarzanSadiq     00:01-24oct.2016 [#BREAKING:  #Kurdish Peshmerga forces encircle  #Bashiqa, set to launch renewed attacks on  #ISIS.] @RudawEnglish     Deleted content [Civilians trapped inside Bashiqa raise white flags to alert Peshmerga forces of their whereabouts <picture>]     00:05-24oct.2016 [#BREAKING –  #Iraqi forces will now wear gas masks, delivered by Coalition in support package for the Iraqi fight to defeat  #ISIS in  #Mosul <picture>] @AlSuraEnglish     00:35-24oct.2016 [large smoke plume from sulfur fire at Mishraq sulfur mine, 23 Oct 2016 (preview image from  @DigitalGlobe …) <aerial photography>] @obretix     00:18-24oct.2016 [Satellite image of the war bearing down on Mosul,  #Iraq  via  @nytgraphics <satellite picture>] @t_mcconnell     01:00-24oct.2016 [Kurdish  #Peshmerga forces rescue IDPs fleeing ISIS held territories in the Bashiqa area.  #FreeMosul <video] @PeshmergaNews     01:12-24oct.2016 [The moment that the US-led coalition jet destroy an  #ISIS vehicle laden with explosives – north east  #Mosul.  #TwitterKurds  #Iraq <video>] @K24English     01:17-24oct.2016 [8th day of Mosul offensive, ISOF & Iraqi Army capture ar-Rasif, Hararah, Twaybeh, Saff el-Toot & Saffiyah, advancing towards al-Shurah town] @sayed_ridha     01:23-24oct.2016 [ISOF have also declared control of Telul al-Nasr, Tell al-Shawk, al-Shuwayrat & al-Bakr villages east of al-Shurah] @sayed_ridha     01:30-24oct. 2016 [Iraqi government forces joined forces with the Kurds near the front lines in Khazir <video>] @RFERL     01:48-24oct.2016 [#Iraq|i Army captured ar-Rasif,Hararah,Twaybeh,Saff el-Toot, Saffiyah,Telul alNasr,Tell alShawk,al-Shuwayrat&al-Bakr  #Mosul] @islamicworldupd     02:36-24oct.2016 [Iraqi forces in Nimrud district South-East to Mosul <picture>] @Bassam_Nasralla     03:06 – 24 oct. 2016 [ISIL claims their attack South to Mosul killed 20 Iraqi soldiers <text>] @geopolitiquee     03:06-24oct.2016 [#Iraqi flag raised in the Village of  #khafsan and thermal plant which was liberated by iraqi forces.  #Iraq  #Mosulops  #isis  #daesh  #mosul <map>] @moezx     03:11-24oct.2016 [Airstrike by Iraqi Air Force F-16 on ISIL base <video>] @iqAirForce     03:20-24oct.2016 [#Baghdedeh  #NinevehPlain  #NPU  #N_P_U  #NPDF  #MosulOps #بغديدا  #سهل_نينوى  #وحدات_حماية_سهل_نينوى  #صندوق_دعم_سهل_نينوى <picture>] @NinevehPU     03:24-24oct.2016 [#NPU commander walking in #Baghdedeh,After more than 2 years.قائد #وحدات_حماية_سهل_نينوى في شوارع #بغديدا، بعد تركها لأكثر من سنتين <picture>] @NinevehPU     03:27-24oct.2016 [#MosulOps  #MosulOffensive Peshmerga encircle Bashqia, liberate Tiz Khrab Gawra …] @CamilliEdoardo     03:45-24oct.2016 [#BREAKING  #Iraqi army storm  #Karemlash town eastern  #Mosul. <map>] @BarzanSadiq     03:56-24oct.2016 [Reports emanating that clashes have started between Iraqi Forces and  #Daesh in the village of Tahrawah just east of  #Mosul  #MosulOps <map>] @integrity_UK     03:58-24oct.2016 [IS claimed VBIED attack on Peshmerga forces at Tahir-Awa village East of Mosul] @geopolitiquee     04:32-24oct.2016 [Drones over Mosul 3 – Iraqi Army offensive to liberate Mosul viewed from above:  via  @YouTube <video>] @AlSuraEnglish     04:36-24oct.2016 [An  #Iraq army rocket launcher transported to  #Bartella front on Oct 22;  #MosulOps  #Mosul_Offensive.  #war <picture>] @sfrantzman     04:40-24oct.2016 [Canadian SOF (CSOR) in  #MosulOps <picture>] @AbraxasSpa     04:57-24oct.2016 [PHOTOS: Alleged images of Canadian special forces troops involved in the  #Mosul operation. –  @AbraxasSpa <picture>] @Conflicts     05:50-24oct.2016 [Iraqi forces raise the cross on a church after liberating Karamalish <picture>] @sayed_ridha     06:08-24oct.2016 [#Karemlesh is liberated by  #Iraqi army #كرمليس حررت بأيدي الجيش  #العراقي  #وحدات_حماية_سهل_نينوى  #N_P_U  #NPU  #NinevehPlain  #NPDF  #MosulOps] @NinevehPU     06:28-24oct.2016 [Members of Iraq’s Rapid Response Division fire a mortar during the fight for a village about 30 km south of Mosul. <video>] @wgdunlop     06:32-24oct.2016 [#EXCLUSIVE footage  #Coalition fighter jet destroys  #ISIL VBIED near  #Bashiqa, was going straight towards  #Peshmerga positions. <video>] @BarzanSadiq     06:35-24oct.2016 [Iraqi Commander: 20 ISIS vehicles coming from Syria to Iraq have been destroyed.] @DavidMWitty1     06:36-24oct.2016 [Suicide bomber’s explosives-rigged truck blows up south of Mosul. Iraq forces say they destroyed it, but blast still wounded police officer. <video>] @wgdunlop     06:38-24oct.2016 [VIDEO: ISIS VBIED destroyed close to Peshmerga lines near Bashiqa in Northern  #Iraq. –  @BarzanSadiq <video>] @Conficts     06:41-24oct.2016 [Peshmerga soldiers discover ISIS tunnel in Tiz Khrab Gawra village.  #Mosul <video>] @AfarinMamosta     06:42-24oct.2016 [Large pile of Daesh weapons and ammunition seized in village of Shura near  #Mosul as ISF and Hashd forces advance.  #Iraq <picture>] @IraqLiveUpdate     07:14-24oct.2016 [#Iraqi_forces including  #PMU sweeping areas of Ain al-Namrud & Numanyah south of  #Mosul  #MosulOps  #isis <picture>] @Bassam_Nasralla     07:15-24oct.2016 [#Iraqi_forces fully liberates the refractories Dor area in  #mosul  #MosulOps  #iraq  #isis <picture>] @Bassam_Nasralla     07:18-24oct.2016 [Huge mobilizations of the Iraqi  #PMU aiming at starting Telaafer liberation operation west of  #Mosul  #MosulOps  #iraq  #isis <picture>] @Bassam_Nasralla     07:19-24oct.2016 [#Iraqi_Army liberates Kremless area in Hamdanyha  #Mosul  #MosulOps  #iraq  #isis <picture>] @Bassam_Nasralla     07:30-24oct.2016 [#Iraqi_Army returns the Cross over Saint Barbra church in  #Kremless area of  #Hamdanyha in  #Mosul  #MosulOps  #iraq  #isis <picture>] @Bassam_Nasralla     07:34-24oct.2016 [TelKayf town is besieged now, the fully liberation very soon] @raveenaujmaya     07:35-24oct.2016 [Peshmarga is digging trenches & build outposts just outside Bashiq; they won’t advance further as that’ll to be  #Kurdistan’s border w  #Iraq.] @abdullahawez     Deleted content [Scenes from the fighting in al-Shura near Qayyarah <picture>]     07:50-24oct.2016 [Qayyarah where everyone is sick due to burning oil and toxic sulphur fumes  #MosulOffensive <picture>] @FazelHawramy     08:05-24oct.2016 [According to a source within the French Defense Ministry several hundred  #ISIS militants from Syria arrived in  #Mosul to defend the city] @michaelh992     08:07-24oct.2016 [Topzawa village has been liberated by Iraqi army moments ago..  #MosulOps  #MosulOffensive] @raveenaujmaya     08:22-24oct.2016 [#iraq sulfur factory teams around the clock to stop burning toxic clouds of gas after  #ISIS set fire b4 withdrawing <picture>] @arwaCNN     08:35-24oct.2016 [ISIL claimed destruction of T-72 and Abrams tanks South to Mosul with IEDs <text>] @geopolitiquee     08:39-24oct.2016 [US Special Ops MATV spotted near Bashiqa north of Mosul. Check the Boomerang gunshot detection system on the back.  @ForeignPolicy <picture>] @paulmcleary     11:07-24oct.2016 [VIDEO:  #ISIS ATGM strike against Abrams tank South of  #Mosul <video>] @Conflicts     11:33-24oct.2016 [#Iraq’s special forces cleared a number of villages near Bartella, east of  #Mosul today: •Khaznah, •Muwafakiyah, •Tahrawah, •Tarab Zawah. <picture>] @IraqiSecurity     11:47-24oct.2016 [#Iraqi families displaced by the ongoing operation by  #Iraq forces against  #ISIS in  #Qayyarah <picture>] @metesohtaoglu     Deleted content [Radical Iraq’i Shiite militias announce to advance on Tel Afar 60km west of Mosul bc 1/4 are Shiite, but majority is Turkmen]     13:47-24oct.2016 [Watch how  #ISIS ATGM hunters enjoy hunting the  #Iraq|i Shiite militia armored vehicles one by one in an open desert near north Mosul.. <picture>] @RamiAlLolah     16:30-24oct.2016 [PMU is going to open Tal Afar frontline <picture>] @hashed_shaabi     17:01-24oct.2016 [#BREAKING –  #Iraqi forces near  #Mosul, Iraqi Artillery lighting up skies with flares as Iraqi Army fighting  #ISIS in Kok Geli east of  #Mosul <map>] @AlSuraEnglish     Suspended account [Amaq video of Abrams tank destroyed by ATGM near Qayyarah, south of Mosul <picture>]     21:35-24oct.2016 [Images of some  #refugee infrastructure being constructed near Bardarash  #Kurdistan  #Iraq for  #Mosul people fleeing  #conflict  #war <picture>] @sfrantzman     21:42-24oct.2016 [Bringing toilets and showers to Qayyarah Jeedah, new camp for Iraqis displaced by  #Mosul operations <picture>] @UNICEFiraq     22:01-24oct.2016 [ISIS leaves behind toxic waste in Iraq after igniting explosives inside a mountain of sulfur  <video>] @cnni     22:30-24oct.2016 [#BREAKING  #Peshmerga enters  #Batnay town northern  #Mosul, the christian town will be within  #Kurdistan border. <map>] @BarzanSadiq     00:59-25oct.2016 [Iraqi army revealed large supply of Mustard gas in Qayyarah <picture>] @AmichaiStein1     01:15-25oct.2016 [Hashd Armoured vehicles and heavy weapons delivered near Mosul, awaiting the green light to storm Daesh stronghy  #MosulOps #الموصل #Iraq <picture>] @IraqLiveUpdate     02:24-25oct.2016 [#BREAKING: Peshmerga forces resume their offensive against  #ISIS, liberating village of Khursabad in Naweran] @RudawEnglish     02:52-25oct.2016 [ISOF & Peshmerga launch sweeping operations inside Batnaya town after storming it this morning, it is located north of Tell Kepe] @sayed_ridha     03:06-25oct.2016 [#Iraqi Fed #police have liberated 1275km2 of land, 58 villages and cleared 55km of mines and IEDs <video>] @marsadiraq     03:33-25oct.2016 [The peshmerga holding Isis flag in Batnaya village now, is the same peshmerga who fought alongside American Navy Seals in Tel Osqof in May <picture>] @FazelHawramy     Deleted content [Radical Iraq’i Shiite militias announce to advance on Tel Afar 60km west of Mosul bc 1/4 are Shiite, but majority is Turkmen]     03:44-25oct.2016 [ISOF advance in industrial area west of Tel Kepe & capture gas plant] @sayed_ridha     03:46-25oct.2016 [Photos show Turkish tanks (M60T), artillery (T-155) and armored vehicles around Bashiqa area –  #Mosul  #Iraq  #Turkey <picture&map>] @M3t4_tr0n     04:08-25oct.2016 [Isis publishes pictures of battle raging around Bashiqa town and Tel Keyf with US Apache helicopters in sight  #MosulOffensive  #Iraq <picture>] @FazelHawramy     05:03-25oct.2016 [UN human rights: reports of ISIL atrocities around  #Mosul ; 50 former police killed; bodies of 70 villagers; 15 villagers thrown in river]@ZeinakhodrAljaz     Deleted content [Iraqi forces have now began storming into Kokelgi كوكجلي which is East of Mosul]     05:13-25oct.2016 [BREAKING: Shots fired from Egyptian side of the border into Israel, One injured, Israeli military investigating the source of shots] @News_Executive     05:18-25oct.2016 [Iraqi army’s elite force pauses advance near Mosul <link>] @ReutersWorld     09:17-25oct.2016 [Syrian army vehicles seized by Iraq army from ISIS during Mosul operation <picture>] @Mogared__Mosul     09:30-25oct.2016 [Sulfur Dioxide Spreads Over Iraq   #NASA <map>] @NASAEarth     11:34-25oct.2016 [Isis left Qaraqosh in a hurry – leaving behind a large cash of ammunition … <picture>] @Worldwidewebb1     Deleted content [IS claim destroying a BMP and killing 4 Peshmerga southeast of Mosul <text>]     13:33-25oct.2016 [with Iraqi special forces from the famed « Golden Division » as they attack an ISIS-held village on Mosul’s outskirts: <video>] @mike_giglio     15:35-25oct.2016 [BREAKING: Gen Joe Votel,  @CENTCOM commander, landed tonight at rebuilt Q-West airbase 40 miles south of Mosul. Restored runway opened Fri.] @wjhenn     00:13-26oct.2016 [Photo from near Bashiqa-Nawaran, locals said it purports to show coalition special forces aiding fight against  #ISIS; I blurred it  #MosulOps <picture>] @sfrantzman     00:20-26oct.2016 [#BREAKING:  #Peshmerga forces resume offensive on Bashiqa front —  #Rudaw reporter.  #MosulOffensive] @RudawEnglish     Suspended account [Iraq counter terrorism storm the first district within Mosul city – Gogjali from the east <map>]     00:21-26oct.2016 [#ISIS flags disappear from Fazilliyah village near to  #Bashiqa, 13 km northeast Mosul.  #Mosuloffensive  #Mosul] @ReKarricci     00:51-26oct.2016 [Approaching Qayarah. Absolute pea-souper down here, visibility no more than 20 meters. Air acrid, oily.] @PatrickOsgood     01:11-26oct.2016 [#BREAKING  #Turkish FM:  #Turkey will take actions if any group attack  #Talafar, western  #Mosul.] @BarzanSadiq     02:23-26oct.2016 [Two journalists from  #France reportedly injured in covering fierce clashes with  #ISIS in eastern Mosul front..  #Iraq] @RamiAlLolah     02:33-26oct.2016 [Massive Oil black smoke clouds covering entire Qayyarah near Mosul. This  #photo was taken in the daylight not at night!  #ISIS  #Iraq <picture>] @RamiAlLolah     03:02-26oct.2016 [Iraqi special forces in Bazwaia, about 5km east of Mosul. Lots of Iraqi military hunkering down here <picture>] @mike_giglio     03:04-26oct.2016 [burned tires line a roadside a few miles outside Mosul <picture>] @mike_giglio     03:04-26oct.2016 [#Peshmerga troops uncover tunnel, largest discovered so far in  #Bashiqa front, seizing cache of  #ISIS weapons ] @RudawEnglish     03:57-26oct.2016 [Picture of M825 WP rounds being fired onto IS-held village near Mosul, by  @bdentonphoto <picture>] @bm27_uragan     04:00-26oct.2016 [Iraqi forces preparing to storm Shorah and Hammam Alil. ] @DavidMWitty1     Suspended account [Hashad Shaabi PMF group Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq heading to Tal Afar from south Mosul]     05:54-26oct.2016 [#Peshmarga forces continue push toward Bashiq after liberating Derik village today. #Kurdistan#TwitterKurds  #MosulOps] @BaxtiyarGoran     12:09-26oct.2016 [Iraqi army returning from the frontline  #Bartella east Mosul <video>] @FazelHawramy     07:17-26oct.2016 [Pic From earlier today in Qayarah. This little guy and, well, everything, is covered in soot from oil fires raging next to their homes. <picture>] @PatrickOsgood     12:09-26oct.2016 [Iraqi army returning from the frontline  #Bartella east Mosul <video>] @FazelHawramy     12:18-26oct.2016 [#Batnaya town today..  #Kurdistan  #MosulOffensive <picture>] @raveenaujmaya     01:16-27oct.2016 [#US soldiers working to rebuild the Qayyarah air base south of  #Mosul <picture>] @michaelh992     01:31-27oct.2016 [#BREAKING: US general says 800-900 IS fighters killed since Iraq’s Mosul operation began last week  @AFP] @wgdunlop     03:37-27oct.2016 [#BREAKING:  #Peshmerga troops enter Faziliye village.  #MosulOffensive <picture>] @RudawEnglish     03:41-27oct.2016 [#Peshmerga troops enter  #Faziliye village after surrounding it for days.  #MosulOffensive <video>] @RudawEnglish     03:43-27oct.2016 [#BREAKING: Kurdish President  @Masoud_Barzani and  @Ammar_Alhakeem on the frontline with Peshmerga forces. <picture>] @RudawEnglish     03:48-27oct.2016 [. @Ammar_Alhakeem: It is an honor to see Peshmerga forces and Iraqi army fight arm-to-arm [against  #ISIS].  #MosulOffensive <picture>] @RudawEnglish     04:04-27oct.2016 [. @Ammar_Alhakeem: We want Turkish support in our fight against  #ISIS, but through the approval of  #Baghdad.  #MosulOffensive <picture>] @RudawEnglish     04:25-27oct.2016 [#Iraq’s ISOF uncover a Daesh IED/bomb factory <video>] @isof_iq     04:35-27oct.2016 [Iraqi army tries to reach site of Islamic State executions south of Mosul] @ReutersUS     07:31-27oct.2016 [Footage of  #ISOF in  #mosul  #MosulOps <video>] @Defense_Iraq     07:42-27oct.2016 [Iraqi Federal Police bombarding  #ISIS position in  #Mosul  #MosulOps <video>] @Defense_Iraq     09:43-27oct.2016 [Iraq’i TOS-1 « Buratino » near Bartella <picture>] @towersight     10:52-27oct.2016 [11th day of Mosul offensive, ISOF & PMU took control of Hamzeh & Wadi al-Qassab on al-Shurah axis. Iraqi Army is ~12km from Hamam al-Alil <link>] @sayed_ridha     14:33-27oct.2016 [French TV report on French artillery supporting the Mosul offensive <video>] @bm27_uragan     02:25-28 oct.2016 [At least 232 civilians killed by  #ISIS near  #Mosul last week (UN).] @vitalyvoronenko     02:14-28oct.2016 [#BREAKING –  #Iraqi Federal Police and  #PMU are less than 20km south of  #Mosul.  #ISIS cards and badges from killed fighters shown <picture>] @AlSuraEnglish     03:03-28oct.2016 [Oct 27 –  #ISF seize Hamzah (36.23074, 43.19066) from  #ISIS, south of of  #Mosul, north of Shoura.  @Liveuamap . … <map>] @mike24601     03:41-28oct.2016 [Hashd Al-Shaabi Senior leader says that they are ready to attack to liberate  #Ta’alafar in West of  #Mosul.  #MosulOps] @LawkGhafuri     03:45-28oct.2016 [Iraqi special forces shelling  #Isis positions with mortar in slow motion clip about 5km away from  #Mosul. <video>] @warzerjaff     03:53-28oct.2016 [UN human rights; ISIS has abducted « tens of thousands » of men, women & children from around  #Mosul & is using them as human shields] @News_Executive     07:09-28oct.2016 [Members of Iraq’s elite Rapid Response Division prepare to push north toward IS-held village (video) <video>] @wgdunlop     07:10-28oct.2016 [Member of Iraq’s Rapid Response Division about 30 km south of Mosul. <picture>] @wgdunlop     07:54-28oct.2016 [Christian Cross raised by Kurdish fighters in the liberated village of Batnay which was under ISIS control for 2 years. via Peshmerganor. <video>] @Dr_Partizan     08:25-28oct.2016 [#PMU ( #Hashad) forces have liberated the village of  #Karez , south east of  #mosul.  #iraq  #mosulops  #isis  #daesh  #no2isis <map>] @moezx     13:39-28oct.2016 [#BREAKING:  #Peshmerga forces repel an  #ISIS attack on Nawaran frontline. Several terrorists killed.  #Kurdistan  #TwitterKurds] @BaxtiyarGoran      Deleted content [Yesterday’s released Video from Al-Ba’aj area,West Mosul show destruction of Grain Silo’s in Coalition air <video>]     23:12-28oct.2016 [#BREAKING  #Shia militias  » #PMU » launching a major offensive from 3 different axes western  #Mosul, the operation called « سن الذبان ».] @BarzanSadiq     00:08-29oct.2016 [BREAKING:  #US-led coalition jets reportedly bombed  #Iraq’s army in Tal Kayf near  #Mosul. At least 4 soldiers died. <map>] @IraqiSecurity     00:22-29oct.2016 [#BREAKING –  #Iraqi  #PMU begin offensive to liberate Tal Afar from  #ISIS to cut all escape from West of  #Mosul to  #Syria <picture>] @AlSuraEnglish     01:03-29oct.2016 [#BREAKING –  #Iraqi  #PMU liberate Tal Taybat village from  #ISIS south west of  #Mosul in operation to liberate  #Tal_Afar] @AlSuraEnglish     01:28-29oct.2016 [#BREAKING –  #Iraqi  #PMU liberate Ein al-Nasr from  #ISIS south west of  #Mosul in operation to liberate  #Tal_Afar. Continuing in rapid advance] @AlSuraEnglish     01:32- 29oct.2016 [#BREAKING –  #Iraqi  #PMU liberate Talal Firas from  #ISIS south west of  #Mosul in operation to liberate  #Tal_Afar. Continuing in rapid advance] @AlSuraEnglish     02:08-29oct.2016 [#BREAKING –  #Iraqi  #PMU liberate Albu Hamid from  #ISIS Al-Zufania axis of  #Mosul in operation to liberate  #Tal_Afar.] @AlSuraEnglish     03:41-29oct.2016 [#BREAKING –  #Iraqi  #PMU liberate Abu Arayes & Zowayrij from  #ISIS south west of  #Mosul in operation to liberate  #Tal_Afar] @AlSuraEnglish     03:48-29oct.2016 [First moments of  #Iraqi  #PMU  #Tal_Afar operation against  #ISIS west of  #Mosul <video>] @AlSuraEnglish     03:56-29oct.2016 [Pictures of the PMU-led op toward Tal Afar  #MosulOps <picture>] @michaelh992     04:21-29oct.2016 [#BREAKING –  #Iraqi Federal Police liberated al-Shura town south of  #Mosul from  #ISIS in dawn attack.] @AlSuraEnglish     05:34-29oct.2016 [#IRAQ  #IslamicState Claims Attack On Outskirts Of  #Qayyarah In South Of  #Mosul.  #TerrorMonitor <text>] @Terror_Monitor     06:01-29oct.2016 [Clashes at Western axis of Mosul battle <picture>] @teamsmediawar     06:03-29oct.2016 [#BREAKING – Images from  #Iraqi  #PMU operation to liberate  #Tal_Afar from  #ISIS west of  #Mosul to block escape to  #Syria <picture>] @AlSuraEnglish     06:32-29oct.2016 [Spokesman of  #Iraq’s  #PMU : Hasd al-Shaabi to enter  #Syria to aid and fight alongside  #Assad after  #Mosul battle <picture>] @metesohtaoglu     06:38-29oct.2016 [#BREAKING – Over 100 families now freed from operation to liberate  #Tal_Afar west of  #Mosul from  #ISIS] @AlSuraEnglish     08:22-29oct.2016 [PMU Kata’ib Sayed al-Shuhada south-west of Mosul <picture>] @sayed_ridha     09:47-29oct.2016 [U.S. airstrikes around Mosul disrupting forced march of civilians by ISIS fighters. <picture>] @FoxNews      11:39 – 29 oct. 2016 [#Iraq federal police 40  #ISIS militants killed and 12 arrested in Al -Shoura south  #Mosul  #MosulOffensive] @CarmenM_Fdez     17:06-29oct.2016 [Pictures of  #Iraqi  #PMU fighters tasked with destroying  #ISIS suicide trucks charging at our men. 20 destroyed in 1st day of  #Tal_Afar Op <picture>] @AlSuraEnglish     00:38-30oct.2016 [1)  #US B-52 2)  #France Dassault Rafale 3) US EA-6B Prowler 4)  #Denmark F-16 receive fuel from a US KC-10 near  #Iraq preparing for  #Mosul <picture>] @M3t4_tr0n     00:52-30oct.2016 [#NPU warriors holding  #Baghdedeh main checkpoint مقاتلي  #وحدات_حماية_سهل_نينوى بسيطرة  #بغديدا الرئيسية #N_P_U  #NinevehPlain  #MosulOps  #NPDF <picture>] @NinevehPU     01:09-30oct.2016 [In-Pictures:  #ISIS destruction of al-Hamdaniyah, a predominately Christian town. <picture>] @RudawEnglish     02:04-30oct.2016 [ISOF have reportedly captured Ali Rash village south-east of Mosul, Iraq] @sayed_ridha     02:39-30oct.2016 [ IS regain Qa’r Kalbin, a day after FSA captured it #EuphratesShield] @sayed_ridha      02:43-30oct.2016 [#BREAKING –  #ISIS leadership issuing orders to withdraw from Qarqarat town south of  #Mosul and burn all headquarters before leaving] @AlSuraEnglish     03:34-30oct.2016 [IS claimed they damaged an Abrams tank south to Mosul <text>] @geopolitiquee    Deleted content [ISIS leadership issuing orders to withdraw from Qarqarat town south of Mosul and burn all headquarters before leaving]     03:40-30oct.2016 [Pro-Turkish govt newspaper says it would take a very long time for PMU to beat ISIS in Tal Afar <link>] @vvanwilgenburg     03:53-30oct.2016 [Shiite militia say their forces have entered Amirni village and are only 18KM away from #Mosul.] @rudaw_arabic     04:16-30oct.2016 [Iraqi soldiers distributing candies among children in captured villages in Southern Mosul <picture>] @hsseinamer31815     04:17-30oct.2016 [#BREAKING – Dead  #ISIS fighter killed by  #Iraqi  #PMU in Ein al-Jahash village south west of  #Mosul during  #Tal_Afar operation <picture>] @AlSuraEnglish     04:19-30oct.2016 [Iraqi army clearing Al Shoura area from mines and bombs <picture>] @hsseinamer31815     04:53-30oct.2016 [coalition airstrike  near Qaraqosh/Bakhdida … <aerial photography>] @obretix     04:58-30oct.2016 [Latest on  #MosulOffensive: Peshmerga forces liberate two more villages on the Bashiqa front, northeast of  #Mosul.] @RudawEnglish     05:10 – 30 oct. 2016 [Smoke from  #mosul burning oil feilds which  #ISIL use it as a cover from air strikes.  #MosulOps  #iraq  #twitterkurds <picture>] @laweenqasim     05:33-30oct.2016 [A Shia flag atop an  #Iraq army MRAP on Tel Keppe frontline; (via a friend)  #MosulOps <picture>] @sfrantzman     05:44-30oct.2016 [244 square kilometers and many villages seized during operation in West/South West Mosul <picture>] @hsseinamer31815     06:19-30oct.2016 [Iraqi forces storming Jurn village, South to Mosul] @hsseinamer31815 [First Christian mass celebrated after liberation of Qaraqosh / Bakhidida today.  @lumisis  @lummideast <picture>] @Kallstrand     Suspended account [Killed and wounded as ISIL VBIED exploded near Jurn village south to Mosul]     06:52-30oct.2016 [ISIS signs still up today in Qaraqosh / Bakhidida.  @lumisis  @lummideast <picture>] @Kallstrand     06:57-30oct.2016 [L’ #EI annonce via aamaq avoir mené une attaque SVBIED au Sud de  #Mosul.  #Irak] @geopolitiquee     07:00 – 30 oct. 2016 [#Mosul update! 14 days of ops and  #Iraq-i and  #Peshmerga forces continue their smart and relentless march toward Mosul. <text>] @CJTFOIR     07:14-30oct.2016 [An Iraqi  #Mi35 fires missiles at  #IS fighters in al-Shura, south of  #Mosul,  #Iraq October 29, 2016.  @Reuters / Goran Tomasevic <picture>] @Djoker_twit     Deleted content [ISIS reports one of its massive VBIEDs killed tens of Iraqi army soldiers and Shiite militants south Mosul a while ago]     07:18-30oct.2016 [#ISIS reports one of its massive VBIEDs killed tens of  #Iraq|i army soldiers and Shiite militants south Mosul a while ago..] @RamiAlLolah     07:21-30oct.2016 [Iraqi Air Force lands first aircraft at Qayyarah West   @CENTCOM  @GVolesky  @DeptofDefense <picture>] @CJTFOIR     07:46-30oct.2016 [Latest report on  #Peshmerga advances against  #ISIL in  #MosulOps. Six villages are cleared of  #Daesh. (via  @PeshmergaNews) <text>] @KrdstnRprt     08:08-30oct.2016 [Iraqi forces destroyed ISIL VBIED <video>] @hsseinamer31815     11:07-30oct.2016 [The Hashd al-Shaabi announced they have taken control of 8 villages today, southwest of Mosul.] @RudawEnglish     Suspended account [Southern front only :A list of the villages captured so far by Iraqi federal police south and southwest of Mosul <text>]     11:17-30oct.2016 [Al-Shura liberated from  #ISIS by  #Iraq Fed Police in 4 hours. <picture>] @ejmalrai     11:19-30oct.2016 [Blown bridge over the  #Tigris River  #qayyarah  #MosulOps  #defeatDaesh <picture>] @sethrobson1     Deleted content [Pictures of Iraqi PMU fighters tasked with destroying ISIS suicide trucks charging at our men. 20 destroyed in 1st day of Tal Afar Op <picture>]     11:33-30oct.2016 [Large amount of weapons seized by Iraq Federal police in Al Shura from ISIL <picture>] @Bassam_Nasralla     11:38-30oct.2016 [#MosulOps : Displaced Iraqi families near Qayyarah. Photo  @Kilicbil <picture>] @StephaneArnaud_     22:44-30oct.2016 [Apache helicopters over Qaraqosh / Bakhidida today.  @lumisis @lummideast <video>] @Kallstrand     23:28-30oct.2016 [#BREAKING  #Iraqi forces launches an offensive from 3 axis to storm  #Mosul.] @BarzanSadiq     23:56-30oct.2016 [#BREAKING:  #Iraq-i counter-terrorism forces attack  #Mosul from the east of the city: Joint Operation Command.] @K24English     00:11-31oct.2016 [Iraqi Army has announced start of phase 2 of operation to liberate Nineveh province] @sayed_ridha     00:13-31oct.2016 [Iraq’s 16th Division with Coalition CAS begin advance on Tel Kepe axis north of Mosul] @sayed_ridha     00:50-31oct.2016 [#Iraq’s security forces are firmly advancing on the eastern front of  #Mosul, toward the east bank of  #Tigris river  #Statement  #CNN] @mtawfeeqCNN     Deleted content [Iraqi PMU advancing towards Zaizaah area held by ISIS as ISIS flees Ajya south of Mosul] Deleted content     02:17-31oct.2016 [#BREAKING  #Iraqi forces to storm  #TalKayf, northern  #Mosul. As part of second stage of  #Mosul battle. <map>] @BarzanSadiq     Deleted content [Iraqi PMU captured 8 villages, most recently Khirbet Tayr from ISIS today <picture>]     02:24-31oct.2016 [Iraq’s military says  #Mosul operation going on well and they will reach city limits in a few hours] @MarQs__     Deleted content [Iraqi PMU lightning advance now up to 10 villages captured from ISIS today, latest are Al Hawit and Wa’Umm Al-Sayjan #TalAfar <picture>]     02:48-31oct.2016 [Iraqi troops rush through  #ISIS territory southwest of  #Mosul, liberate 10 villages <link>] @TheArabSource     03:06-31oct.2016 [Iraqi troops forces have resumed an offensive on the eastern front of Mosul  <picture>] @RFERL     Suspended account [Fierce battles between Iraq counter terrorism and ISIS militants in the important Industrial Zone east Mosul]     03:07-31oct. 2016 [Iraqi forces captured Mushayrafah village and raised Iraq flag over it] @hsseinamer31815     Deleted content [Iraqi forces captured Al Arish village from ISIL in S-W of Mosul]     03:17-31oct.2016 [#DEVELOPING  #Iraqi forces dominating  #Gogjale factories area eastern  #Mosul outskirts.] @BarzanSadiq     Deleted content [Iraqi PMU captured al-Areesh town and surround ISIS in al-Sanarik west of Mosul as lighting advance continues today]     03:39-31oct.2016 [Iraqi special forces approach Mosul from east <link>] @FoxNews     03:49-31oct.2016 [Day 15 of  #MosulOps: Iraq’s 9th division are entering into Hay Saddam (top square) & Hay Karkoukli (lower square) <map>] @integrity_UK     04:09-31oct.2016 [Correction: Senior Iraqi commander speaks with  #Rudaw, says we are only 800 M away from  #Mosul city.  #MosulOffensive <picture>] @RudawEnglish     04:10-31oct.2016 [#BREAKING: Iraqi Army Commander: Iraqi security forces only 800-900 meters away from the  #Mosul city center from the east of the city. <map>] @BaxtiyarGoran     04:26-31oct.2016 [Reuters: ISOF have breached Mosul city limits, entering the Karama neighborhood on the eastern edge of the city on the main highway] @PatrickOsgood     Deleted content [Iraqi Army captured Bazwaia town from ISIS in East of Mosul now 5km from Mosul city]     05:00-31oct.2016 [#Iraq’s army has not entered any districts inside  #ISIS-controlled Mosul city — Rudaw reporter.] @RudawEnglish     05:25-31oct.2016 [#Iraqi army advancing towards  #ISIS-controlled Mosul on multiple fronts, currently 800M away from the city. <picture>] @RudawEnglish     Deleted content [Iraqi PMU have captured Dawilayat, Tal Shaykhan, Suruj, Al’immam Hamzatan, Mushyrif villages this morning in #TalAfar Op <picture>]     Deleted content [Iraqi PMU captured Kharati and al-Hawish villages after killing 34 ISIS fighters west of Mosul]     05:30-31oct.2016 [In-Pictures:  #Iraqi soldiers have completed preparations for  #Mosul, now heading towards the city.  #MosulOffensive <picture>] @RudawEnglish     05:51-31oct.2016 [Iraqi forces now less than a mile from the outskirts  #Mosul <picture>] @IanPannell     Deleted content [Iraqi PMU kill 3 ISIS suicide bombers and 3 fighters in Abu Shwait village west of Mosul] Deleted content     05:54-31oct. 2016 [#Iraq’s Prime Minister  @HaiderAlAbadi visits soldiers and commanders on the frontline.  #MosulOffensive <picture>] @RudawEnglish     06:50-31oct.2016 [#Fazil_Barwari, Commander of Iraqi Golden forces speaks to  @RudawEnglish, says they will enter  #Mosul city tonight.  #MosulOffensive <picture>] @Sarwan_barzanii     07:07-31oct.2016 [#Iraq:  #counter_terrorism units liberate the village of Bazwaya and raising  #Iraqi_flag on its buildings …  #MosulOps <picture>] @alghadeertv_eng     suspended account [Bashiqa is getting bombed constantly, everything is going to be destroyed]     07:08-31oct.2016 [112.  #IS just reported 7th  #Mosul suicide operation today.] @charliewinter     07:42-31oct.2016 [Drone footage captures Iraqi military build up east of  #Mosul  – @Ruptly  #Iraq » <video>] @HasanSari7     08:19-31oct.2016 [Iraqi forces heading to Hassunah village(قرية حسونة), South to Mosul] @iraqi_spring     08:28-31 oct.2016 [Senior special forces officer to  @AFP: Iraq forces have not entered Al-Karama inside Mosul, still 2.5 km away   @AFP <link>] @wgdunlop     09:34-31oct.2016 [#Iraq:  #Peshmerga soldiers outside of  #Mosul help civilians hoping to flee from  #Daesh to cross the frontline <picture>] @ThomasVLinge     11:18-31oct.2016 [Female PAK fighters prepare 4  #Mosul offensive.  #PAK unit, includes many woman who r active in combat. @ HarryChun via  @CNBC  #Kurdistan <picture>] @BaxtiyarGoran     06:25-31oct.2016 [#Iraq:  #ISF forces have reached the eastern perimeter of  #Mosul, they’re shelling the Karama district but for so far haven’t entered] @ThomasVLinge     06:25-31oct.2016 [حي الكرامه الان Al-karamaa neighborhood in  #mosul now للنشر على اوسع نطاق على عناد  #الخليفه  #الموصل_مالتنا #MosulOps #حشدنا_يحرر_الموصل <picture>] @AIYouins     05:54-31oct.2016 [#Iraq’s Prime Minister  @HaiderAlAbadi visits soldiers and commanders on the frontline.  #MosulOffensive <picture>] @RudawEnglish     06:34-31oct.2016 [VIDEO: Iraqi special forces advance on Mosul, taking heavy fire but moving within 2 miles of the city’s limits.] @AP     07:08-31oct.2016 [112.  #IS just reported 7th  #Mosul suicide operation today.] @charliewinter     07:42-31oct.2016 [Drone footage captures Iraqi military build up east of  #Mosul  – @Ruptly  #Iraq » <video>] @HasanSari7     07:57-31oct.2016 [#MosulOp: Unconfirmed reports of clashes between  #Iraq’s armed forces and Da’ish in Al-Karamah in eastern  #Mosul. <map>] @IraqiSecurity     08:06-31oct.2016 [#HIMARS shot  #qayyarah  #Iraq  #MosulOps  #CJTFOIR <video>] @sethrobson1     08:28-31oct.2016 [The Battle for Mosul: Iraqi fighters close in on ISIS.  @npwcnn reports from the front lines:  <video>] @CNN     08:28-31oct.2016 [Senior special forces officer to  @AFP: Iraq forces have not entered Al-Karama inside Mosul, still 2.5 km away   @AFP <link>] @wgdunlop     08:45-31oct.2016 [Iraqi PM, how wearing camo uniform, announcing big advances today towards Mosul on all axes of advance. <picture>] @DavidMWitty1     11:46-31oct.2016 [Iraq’s Golden Brigade has surrounded Gogjali on Mosul’s eastern side, 7km from the city centre, after intense fighting. <map>] @RudawEnglish     12:16-31oct.2016 [ISIS targets children in Mosul with teddy bear bombs <picture>] @FoxNews     14:24-31oct.2016 [Mi-28NE helicopter belonging to  #Iraq’s army aviation protecting ground ops near  #Mosul by Hashd forces. <video>] @IraqiSecurity     Deleted content [Iraqi PMU Combat footage captured the ISIS village of al-Sulaymani west of Mosul yesterday in lightning offensive <picture>]     14:24-31oct.2016 [Mi-28NE helicopter belonging to #Iraq’s army aviation protecting ground ops near #Mosul by Hashd forces. <video>] @IraqiSecurity     22:17-31oct.2016 [2nd regiment of 73 bridgade of Iraqi army captured Najmuk, Tall Yabis, Baybukhat villages, N-E to Mosul] @DuaaHessien     23:27-31oct.2016 [#BREAKING: We are live-streaming from inside Gogjali, where Iraqi army are engaged in intense clashes with  #ISIS.  #MosulOffensive <picture>] @RudawEnglish     23:43-31oct. 2016 [#BREAKING: ISIS militants use sniper fire and vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs) to halt Iraqi army advances.  #Mosul] @RudawEnglish